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Our Sober Companions in Denver, Colorado

We provide elite and concierge sober companions for live in at your residence or hotel, or per event as needed

Sober Companions In Denver, Colorado

When a person is first getting sober, it can be an overwhelming and scary experience. Addiction recovery requires supervision to ensure the individual does not overdose or make any mistakes during this process. Many individuals even wonder if they will ever return back as themselves again without drugs/alcohol in their lives, but there are ways to deal with these challenges.

One such approach is with The Addictions Coach. We specialize in addiction recovery, so you wouldn’t have to worry! If someone you love is struggling with addiction, consider hiring a recovery coach with The Addictions Coach. It may be helpful to know what a recovery coach does and how we can positively impact the lives of the people that we are helping. We are here to support and provide guidance so that our clients can live better lives in sobriety.

Sober Coaching

Sober Coaching in Denver, Colorado.

Sober coaching is an approach of guidance and direction to help people stay on the right path of recovery. The experts at The Addictions Coach ensure that your time in sobriety is a quality one by working with you on the prevention of relapse. Sober coaching in Denver encourages people to weather difficult life situations that may trigger their urges to use again.

We at The Addictions Coach also work with the client’s support network of family and friends to ensure that we are equipped to help your loved ones succeed in staying sober. With the assistance of a support system, your friend or family member can maintain sobriety and continue to enjoy a quality life.

Sober Companion in Denver, Colorado.

Sober companions can help people overcome addiction. Those who need a companion hire someone to keep them company while going through the process of detoxification and rehabilitation. We at The Addictions Coach provide support and friendship throughout the journey. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, sober companions in Denver can be very helpful.

Our sobriety companion helps people get through each day and feel less lonely throughout the struggle. We are compassionate people who want to make a difference in your life. The main objective at The Addictions Coach is to help clients stay on track in their recovery from drug or alcohol abuse.

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Medically Assisted Detox at Home, Office, & Hotel in Denver, Colorado.

When you are ready to take the first step toward lasting recovery, our medically assisted detox programs can help you get started on your journey. The Addictions Coach offers the most comprehensive programs in Denver with services available, including full concierge, mobile, and even holistic medical detox for substance use disorders. With this program, you may continue your recovery at the comfort of your home, office, or hotel in Denver.

At The Addictions Coach, we are committed to helping individuals with substance dependency and begin their journey into lasting recovery by providing safe, friendly, and effective programs that are catered specifically to each client’s needs.

Sober on Demand ® - Alternative to drug & alcohol treatment in Denver, Colorado.

Sober On Demand ® offers an alternative to the traditional recovery process. We are not your typical sober house or recovery living center. Our program is designed for individuals who prefer a more efficient yet caring approach to their recovery while ensuring success in returning to daily responsibilities and jobs. The goal of the program is to provide individuals with a supervised and structured environment.

The Addictions Coach strives to give the member the opportunity to achieve serenity, responsibility, and happiness in a flexible manner. We offer the opportunity to rebuild your life by breaking your addiction. It is a safe and healthy environment that places the member in control of their recovery.

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Counseling & Therapy in Denver, Colorado.

The Addictions Coach has helped thousands recover from substance abuse and addiction over the years. Our success in counseling and therapy in Denver is directly related to our ability to offer a wide array of programs and individualized service plans. To help us tailor a recovery plan that meets your individual needs, we work with you to assess your situation and provide detailed information regarding your recovery program options.

The Addictions Coach provides a one-of-a-kind combination of counseling, therapy, coaching, and recovery services for substance abuse and addiction recovery. We provide a range of services tailored to meet the needs and preferences of our clients.

Intervention and Treatment Placement Service in Denver, Colorado.

An intervention is a very personal experience that can change the life of both the addict and their family forever. With all the emotions surrounding an intervention, it’s hard for addicts to think clearly about getting help on their own without the support of family and friends. With the help of our intervention services, you can be certain that your loved one will be able to get the help they need.

We at The Addictions Coach take care of everything when it comes to getting your loved one into treatment with our placement services in various facilities like the Detox, Intensive Outpatient (IOP), Outpatient (OP), Therapy, and more. We help locate the best treatment for your loved one. Moreover, if you prefer, we can even consult by phone or the Internet to help you figure out which treatment process is best suited for your loved one.

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Why Choose Us

We Provide only the best sober companion

You want a sober companion that matches your personality, skill set and what you like to enjoy for fun. With over 100 different sober companions to chose from, we can personality match the companion to your unique needs, time frame and location.

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Get your life back

A certified sober companion can help you return to the fun loving life you once had.

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Get back to business

A sober companion can help you get back to work and increase your success.

Fill out the form so we can contact you to see if you are a good fit for our program.

We are pleased to offer a Free Consultation to address your unique needs and concerns and create a plan of action that suites your specific goals. When you’re in need of substance abuse treatment, our exclusive alternative to treatment offers a level of customization and fluidity that is unparalleled.


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Frequently Asked Questions About Recovery Coaching in Austin, Texas.

There is no single, universally accepted definition of “sex addiction.” However, most experts agree that sex addiction is characterized by a compulsive need to engage in sexual behavior, despite negative consequences. It can include behaviors such as excessive masturbation, pornography use, or sexual affairs outside of one’s relationship.

When choosing a sober companion, it is important to look for someone who has extensive experience in the addiction and recovery field. The ideal sober companion should provide support and guidance during early sobriety and help you stay on track while rebuilding your life.

The best time to start an in-home detox program in Denver is when you first begin to feel like you need one. Many people wait until they are feeling ill or extremely bloated before they decide to detox, but the truth is that you don’t have to wait until you’re feeling bad to start feeling better.

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