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Sober on Demand: Customized Substance Abuse Treatment that Comes to You!




Drug and alcohol treatment facilities create a standardized program that is generally based on the Minnesota Model or abstinence-based model. If you are looking to reduce your drug use or alcohol use (or any other addiction like a gambling addiction or a food addiction) you are not going to succeed in this traditional model of drug and alcohol addiction treatment.  You need a program that is customized to you, in your time and meets you right where you are. You need to understand your limits, how to enjoy life and not take it to the extreme. Dr. Cali Estes has a special program that is an alternative to addiction treatment that will suit your needs perfectly.

If you answer YES to any of the following statements, we can help you with our signature Sober on Demand program, totally customized to you. We even can come right to your doorstep and meet you at home, in your office or even in a hotel so you can feel confident that you are getting full attention and immersion into our signature drug addiction and alcohol addiction program.


  1. The idea of NEVER drinking a glass of wine again is daunting.
  2. I want to be able to have a shot or glass of wine with dinner without getting crazy
  3. I am ready to slow down my alcohol and drug intake and refocus my life
  4. I want one on one attention
  5. I am not interest in 12 step meetings
  6. I am not interested in groups and prying eyes, I need 100% confidentiality
  7. I want a program that works
  8. I want to get this done NOW so my life is re-balanced
  9. Privacy and attention to detail are important in a program
  10. I want to work with a team that has a successful track record.

Dr. Cali Estes is in the forefront of addiction treatment and can assist you with any recovery coaching, life coaching and counseling issues you have. She and her team are dedicated to meeting each client right where they are in their process to get sober or successfully manage their use. Check out more on Sober on Demand Below and Catch Dr. Cali Estes on KTLA TV discussing her program.


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