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Private & Custom Alternative to Addiction Treatment

Through our Sober On Demand® service we provide private, confidential and customized treatment alternatives for all drug & alcohol addictions.

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Sober On Demand ®

At home, office, hotel or retreat.

Concierge and mobile substance abuse treatment alternative that extends far beyond the traditional high-end drug rehab.

Relax, Renew and Reset!

Imagine taking one of the nation’s few, truly acclaimed addiction treatment centers, pulling out the pieces that work, and literally condensing their residential treatment program into an express, private, and on-demand 4-to-10-day wrap-around and truly customized drug rehab alternative. Add to that the comfort and discretion of being in your own home, or hotel, while traveling, or even in your own private retreat. (pet-friendly).

Every component comes to you: the physician, the nurse or support clinician, the therapist, the counselor and the sober coach & companion. This is much more than a program custom designed for those in the public eye or other high importance role. It is a program that raises the bar for efficacy.

Everyday we see actors and athletes and musicians enter yet another luxury drug rehab center, usually somewhere in Malibu, or the beach. It is generally the same old story…they go in, a month or two later they come out, and before you know it they end up going back in after yet another destructive relapse.

Sober On Demand is truly unlike anything else out there, and it is among the signature services provided by Dr. Cali Estes and The Addictions Coach. It is an addiction treatment alternative that raises the bar in every aspect.

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Our exclusive, private and customized addiction treatment alternative services are commonly utilized by:
  •  Those in the public eye and needing discretion & privacy (professional athletes, actors, musicians, politicians, etc.)
    • CEO-type executives requiring ongoing travel, privacy, and expanded services
    • Those who have not succeeded in traditional high-end drug rehab settings and are now seeking the best of the best
    • About 50% of clients will utilize are custom mobile & virtual addition treatment alternative while at their current location, and 50% will come to our private beach retreat near Palm Beach County in South Florida
    • There are many other scenarios that will benefit from our Sober On Demand services – contact us for more information: (800) 706-0318
  • Sober On Demand

    We receive calls on a regular basis from people in need of help, and are often times without hope and seemingly in a situation that they presume cannot be fixed. Maybe it’s a pending criminal charge, or maybe its a co-occurring mental illness that keeps rearing its head and pulls them off the right path time and again. Rest assured however, we have the depth, expertise, and resources to move mountains. Drug addiction & alcoholism can be ruthless to the sufferer and their loved ones, and The Addictions Coach & Sober On Demand have spent years creating paths to freedom and sobriety that to most, seemed almost unimaginable.

    A unique component that we can offer is our Signature Sober on Demand services when you need more assistance. We can provide on site medical detox and deep dive programs instead of a 3o-day inpatient stay at a drug and alcohol treatment facility. Additionally, we are the propriety owners of a unique supplement line that will actually help heal your brain and get your neurotransmitters firing properly again. Whether you need us for a day, a month, or a year, we can be there for you.

    Concierge Private Custom Drug Rehab and Addiction Treatment


    In the comfort of your home, hotel or our location


    Customized Deep Dive Sessions Tailored to YOU


    The Ultimate Drug Rehab Alternative


    Concierge & Private


    Experienced, Credentialed, Committed


    Balancing Clinical with Holistic


    Gets to the Root Cause of WHY


    Pioneering Custom Care on a New Level!

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    There is no room for compromising when it's a matter this critical and life-impacting.

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