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Sobriety Coaches and Greeting Cards: Navigating SUMMERTIME


 Sobriety Coaches and Greeting Cards:

Navigating SUMMERTIME, guest blog by Jamelia Hand.

Summertime is a time where many of us look
forward to Food, Fun, and Family!

Summertime can also be an extremely difficult time of the
year for those in early recovery. Temptations and high –
risk situations can make a commitment to recovery more
difficult. This can lead to negative or painful feelings,
cravings, even relapse. So how does someone protect
themselves and their sobriety over the summer?

• Identify triggers- summer triggers are
unique and can include anything from the smell of a BBQ
grill to an indescribable “feeling”. Pay attention
as these things may be warning signs of an upcoming relapse.
If you’re able to identify these feelings in advance,
you can make adjustments or take action.

• ALWAYS have an exit strategy- Relapse can come about in
 unexpected ways. Somethings- such as family gatherings can
be stressful situations especially if drugs and/or alcohol
accompany the celebration. Think about how those things will
be handled and plan your exit if necessary.

• Support- Think about what sources of support do you have
right now and if you need to add to your circle. If you
 don’t have a sponsor, enlist someone whom you trust to
coach to you during this time. Let them know that you may
need to talk to them during the event/s and make sure their
contact information is close by.

You may not realize it but you already have a
circle of support just waiting to help. They may be people
that you know well or someone you’ve met on your
recovery journey. Peer support can come in many forms. We
understand what you’re going through and we’ve
developed a greeting card with you in mind.
Visit us at www.handwrittengreetings.net
to learn more about how we use Greeting Cards to assist
those in recovery.

 Jamelia R. Hand MHS CADC MISA I
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