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My Child May Be Using ‘Bath Salts’

Using 'Bath Salts'

My Child May Be Using ‘Bath Salts’


 QUESTION:  How do I know if my son is using ‘bath salts’, this new drug I heard about?  – Jane S., Pottstown, PA

ANSWER:  Cali Estes of The Addictions Coach says:  “You can tell when your son is using drugs because his mood will change.  Specifically, your child may be using bath salts if you see particular reactions.  The kids get agitated more easily, can not think clear, or say they hear voices.  They may even say that someone is trying to kill them (in more heavy users).  The drug is technically illegal, however, they are now called “pow wow” and back on the shelves.  There is no odor and they can be snorted, shot or smoked.  Some kids are buying cocaine laced with bath salts and getting the negative symptoms of the drugs.  Have a talk with your son and ask him.  If he gets angry, refuses to answer, or displays any of the above symptoms, get help.  Hire a therapist or drug counselor to assist you.  We here at The Addictions Coach can also help you.  Contact us at 800.706.0318
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