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SPICE At School

 SPICE at school

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Question: “My 10 yr. old son came home and said that he tried Spice at school with some kids.  What is Spice and where did he get this kind of drug?”, Crystal R, Chicago.

Answer: Cali Estes Says, ” Spice or K2 is a synthetic cannabis (think fake marijuana) that is freely sold at gas stations, head shops, and liquor stores as well.  It is cheap, easy and legal.  BUT  it is lethal.  They are spraying it with a hallucinogenic called WET that makes the kids paranoid, hearing voices and thinking that people are trying to kill them.  Despite the fact that the FDA has made some of the chemicals in the compound illegal schedule I substances, the manufacturers simply change the chemical and continue to sell the drug.  Educate your son on the long term effects of this drug as it is labeled ‘not for human consumption’.  Explain to him that synthetic drugs are more harmful than their natural counterparts, even if they are legally sold in the USA.  I would also talk to the parents of the kids involved and alert the school as well, if Spice is on the grounds of the school, you can bet that there are  a lot of kids using it.  Call us if we can further assist you.  786.709.0479

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