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Sports Professionals Addiction Coaches and Sober Companions

Private and Exclusive Addiction Recovery Coaching for Sports Athletes: NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, etc.

Sports Professionals Sober Companions: Working with Collegiate & Pro Athletes

Sports Professionals Addiction Coaches and Sober Companions

Drug & Alcohol Addiction, Sex Addiction and Behavioral Modification

As a professional athlete, you have unique needs as compared to a traditional coaching client. Your life operates at an extremely high level, and we have created an addiction coaching plan that operates at the very same level. Maybe you need weekly tune-up sessions or a sober companion to be boots on the ground day to day with you and we have your needs covered.

At The Addictions Coach, we specialize in collegiate and professional level athletics when it comes to addiction & recovery coaching. We cover all aspects of life coaching, addictions coaching, sober coaching, recovery coaching, drug and alcohol treatment, gambling addiction, as well as life issues and proper off the field/court behaviors. Dr. Cali Estes, and her team of internationally certified masters’ addictions coaches, can assist you in remaining out of the negative public press and spotlights.

Through our special blend of addiction therapy, life coaching, and sports psychology, we will get to the root of the core issues and assist you in moving forward in a positive direction so your career and home life will flourish.

Professional athletes must excel at a level that most do not have to, and they feel pressure to reach insane heights while having to manage traditional life issues that so many people struggle with. Whether it’s a painkiller addiction from an injury that has spiraled out of control or other addictions that may be cropped up during the off-season and now cannot be controlled, we can help.


An addictions coach that specializes in drugs, alcohol, stress, anger management and even major addiction vices like porn, sex, gambling and gaming. The Sports Professional’s recovery coach works mainly with NFL, MLB, NBA and collegiate athletes simply because it is starting to affect their job performances.

An addiction to sports can be described when the lifestyle of a client depends on the success or failure of athletes that they have never met, or scores of their favorite Team. It’s possible that a person addicted to sports will break plans, miss work and stay home for days at a time. If a sports addict’s team loses, they become depressed and suicidal.


Dr. Cali Estes and several professionals were interviewed on CNN to discuss Lamar Odom and his addiction to sex and drugs.  High level athletes will utilize brothers, escorts and various forms of drug and alcohol to relax and wind down after the stress of the game. Keeping these demons at bay is what makes Dr. Cali and her team at The Addictions Coach so successful. 

Yes! hiring a life coach that can make sure your college athelete is on point for games and schoolwork is key. Avoiding drugs and alcohol in the sports arena is difficult and any college age athlete should have a life coach and an addictions coach to help them excel in many areas. 

The Addictions Coach has been a leader in helping professional athletes to overcome their demons for nearly 20 years. We’ve worked with the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, universities, and even Olympic athletes. We understand their struggles all too well. We have seen it all, and we have helped these individuals to capitalize on their careers, their families, and their own well-being.

Certified Coaching for Professional Athletes

Certified Recovery Coaches, Addiction Coaches, and Sober Companions that get fast and measurable results and goal-driven outcomes. That is what recovery life coaching is all about. Something that helps you get to the root cause of the problem and solve it.  Recovery coaches and sober coaches can help you after inpatient treatment or in lieu of treatment, and can be the driving force to change in between therapy appointments. We can handle drugs, alcohol, sex and gambling addictions, and even anger management issues.   

A unique component that we can offer is our Signature Sober on Demand services if you need more assistance. We can provide on site medical detox and deep dive programs instead of a 3o-day inpatient stay at a drug and alcohol treatment facility. We are the propriety owners of a unique supplement line that will actually help heal your brain and get your neurotransmitters firing properly again. Whether you need us for a day, a month, or a year, we can be there for you.

Sports Professionals Addiction Coaches and Sober Companions


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