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Sports Sober Coach: Another NFL Player Suspended For Marijuana


Sports Sober Coach:  Another NFL Player Suspended For Marijuana


Another NFL Pro Bowl standout has been suspended by the league for Marijuana use. Kansas City Chief standout Dwayne Bowe has been suspended for 1 game for recreational drug use stemming from a traffic stop that resulted in the charge. The Chiefs have issued a statement saying that this will affect his job security once he returns.

“Dwayne has been given a one-game suspension by the National Football League. We are disappointed in the situation and will miss him on the field, but we support the league’s decision. The club will have no further comment on the matter.”
Bowe had a disappointing 2013 season, ranking 61st in WR efficiency, according to Football Outsiders‘ metrics, including a catch rate of just 55 percent. He has struggled in training camp, too, though that has been blamed on an injured finger.
“Dwayne Bowe has been out here and his finger is shot,” coach Andy Reid said, via the Kansas City Star. “It’s been thrown out of place about 15 times, so now he’s not catching the ball but he’s getting his work done. You can practice with that kind of thing.”
Now it appears Bowe, who was suspended four games in 2009,  will have an extra week for his finger to heal.
And if a one-game absence wasn’t punitive enough, the language in Bowe’s contract makes this a very costly mistake, according to CBSSports.com contributor and former NFL agent Joel Corry.
Bowe recorded just 57 catches for 673 yards in the first year of Andy Reid’s Chiefs regime.
You have to wonder what is going through these players minds to continue risking millions of dollars just to get high. These are the things a sober coach or life coach continues to “beat” into the minds of clients to reduce the urge and risk of making such a “stupid” mistake.
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