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Sports Sober Coach: Dallas Cowboy Suspended for Banned Substance (Meth)


Sports Sober Coach: Dallas Cowboy Standout Orlando Scandrick Suspended 4 Games for Banned Substance(Meth)



The one position that the Cowboys could NOT afford to lose a starter is in the defensive secondary. Well, starting cornerback Mr. Scandrick decided to try “Meth” down in Mexico during the offseason in April while on vacation. He tested positive for Amphetamines after re-entering the country. Some think the “Meth” explanation was a fabrication because it takes three strikes for recreational drug use to get a one game suspension while Amphetamines are on the Performance Enhancing Drug list which warrants a four game suspension for first time use. The league didn’t buy the “Meth” explanation and ruled that Scandrick was using Amphetamines to gain a competitive edge. Jerry Jones and the Cowboys have done some questionable things in the past, but to watch Scandrick (who is in EXCELLENT SHAPE and at the top of his game) tell reporters that he used Meth while on vacation just doesn’t add up. He definitely doesn’t “fit the bill” for the standard Meth user. It actually seems rather comical.

  So now the Cowboys struggling Defense is without their BEST Defensive Back for the first four games. The entire Cowboys franchise is standing behind Scandrick at this point, but lets re-evaluate this October first if the Cowboys are 1-3 or 0-4.
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