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Sports Sober Coach: Pro Footballer Tyler Sash Dies of an Overdose

Sports Sober Coach:  Pro Footballer Tyler Sash Dies of an Overdose

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Tyler SashTyler Sash died of an accidental overdose, coroner says.

James Parks   247sports.com

Former Giants safety Tyler Sash died of an overdose of two different pain medications following a history of painful injuries, a medical examiner concluded this week.

The overdose was accidental, not intentional, the Iowa State Medical Examiner confirmed.

Sash, a talented safety with Iowa before winning a Super Bowl his rookie year with the Giants three seasons ago, was found dead in his home in Oskaloosa, Ia. An autopsy conducted the next day determined Sash died of an “accidental mixed drug toxicity involving methadone and hydrocodone.”

Both of the substances are legal.

The medical examiner said they will require at least six months of further study to determine if Sash suffered from chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a brain injury common among football players who have sustained repeated hits to the head. But it was a long term shoulder injury that haunted Sash, more specifically a recent dislocation that was the cause of his use of pain medication.


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