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Sports Sober Coach: Should Coach Sarkisian Have Been Fired?

USC Coach Steve Sarkisian fired

Sports Sober Coach: Should Coach Sarkisian Have Been Fired?

On Tuesday, what was long suspected since Sunday, was made official by the University of Southern California and Pat Hayden. The University’s head football coach was fired because of another alcohol-fueled incident while on school grounds and running the football program.

Coach Steve Sarkisian was under a strict “no alcohol” order by the University after he showed up drunk and on pain meds for a school fundraiser early this year. He mumbled through his speech and embarrassed himself and the University greatly. The school gave him another chance and implemented the strict “no alcohol under any circumstances” guidelines. Stories are beginning to surface that Sarkisian learned of his fate while on a plane to treatment. This brings to light a very passionate debate. Did the University do the right thing?  Especially since the coach was basically in charge of highly impressionable young adults lives to a certain extent. Did they attempt to get the coach treatment after the first major issue or did they sweep it under the carpet and focus back on winning at all costs? Did coach Sarkisian himself admit that he couldn’t do this alone and seek help before he lost a seven-figure job and his career?

These are all questions that I would like to have answered and hear from those of you reading this blog. Did the head coach get what was coming to him or did the University enable his habit and needs to shoulder some of the blame. I sure wouldn’t expect good results finding a heroin addict, rolling down my car window and telling him he is on a strict “no heroin” status. You can read more on this story at the following LA TIMES link http://www.latimes.com/sports/usc/uscnow/la-sp-sarkisian-fired-usc–coach-20151012-story.html and find out more on being extremely proactive in coaching high-end professionals such as ex-coach Sarkisian at Top Rated Addiction Recovery and Sober Coaching Services

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