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Sports Sober Coach: The NFL needs coaching and its NOT the type you might think.

The National Football League needs coaching and its NOT the type you might think.

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We aren’t talking about your “gruff” talking, testosterone driven and whistle toting position leaders. We are talking about COACHES here…Life coaches, sober coaches and the type of life changing coach that is trained to save the athletes life before they ever step foot on the field.

Since 2007 in the NFL, there has been an alarming number of arrests, upward of 400, that are either a direct arrest for a specific drug or arrests for alcohol related offenses. Then we have the Domestic Violence arrests that were fueled by drugs or alcohol. The number of players getting arrested is staggering and needs to be reduced at all costs.
If each NFL team hired a Life Coach to work with these players before they ever got arrested, it would greatly reduce the number of lives ruined or adversely affected by these senseless arrests. Not only would working with a Life Coach ultimately save the players life, it could also save the players career, finances and save the NFL team many future “headaches” down the road.
  Until this problem and solution is addressed by the teams themselves we are going to see these arrest numbers continue to grow.
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