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Sports Sober Coach: Killing Pain and Athletes Careers

Sports Sober Coach: Killing Pain and Athletes Careers
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  So the story goes…A pro athlete with all the potential in the world.  Handed millions for his talent, only to get hurt early on. A team doctor prescribes painkillers to get the talent back on the field at all costs, only to help create a dangerous and career killing addiction for the athlete. Ray Lucas, Jeff Allison and Ryan Leaf are just a few of the names that fell victim to this vicious cycle. Lucas had a majority of his trouble dealing with post career pain. Allison was given millions by the Florida Marlins only to get hurt at 19yrs old and immediately developing a serious addiction to Oxy. The team now wants nothing to do with him. He was hospitalized in his hometown from his addiction. Ryan Leaf was sent to prison for his addiction to painkillers after being the #1 draft pick out of college. How can we change this?

Here at Top Rated Addiction Recovery and Sober Coaching Services we desperately feel that these players prescribed pain killers need close monitoring by a sober coach, not a “team clinician” that is going to tell the owners, coaches and player what they want to hear to get back on the field. An outside coach that will ride the player and tell them what they need to hear to save their career and life. Read more about this deadly cycle at the following link  http://articles.latimes.com/2004/aug/01/sports/sp-d2dawgcomment1

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