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When dealing with a difficult problem such as alcohol or drug use, it is important to keep your self-image in check. Once you figure out how you view yourself and how you want others to view you, you can create a new, more positive self image that does not include drugs or alcohol. You can be anyone you want to be in the future and you can successfully move towards a happier life without substances. By improving your self-image, maturing, taking responsibility for your past, present and future, you will ultimately build self-confidence to tackle difficult situations in life without turning to a substance.

Below are some examples of a new self-image you may want or may have thought of:

  • I want to have a stable life with no more drama.
  • I need to update my appearance to be reminded of my new goals.
  • I want others to see me differently.
  • I absolutely do not want to be seen as an alcoholic or drug addict. I want to be a non-substance user.
  • I want to be a person who is productive and looks the part, someone an employer would be proud to hire.
  • I want to be a patient and kind parent, spouse or friend.
  • I want to be honest.
  • I want to be happy, joyful and content.
  • I want to be approachable, loving and much more tolerant of circumstances I cannot control.

Overcoming substance usage through the power of positive thinking is possible. Dr. Schaler, author of Addiction Is A Choice quotes, “The more people believe in their ability to moderate or stop their consumption of drugs and alcohol, the more likely they will be to moderate or stop altogether. The converse is also true: the more people believe in their failure to moderate or stop their consumption of drugs and alcohol, the more likely they will not moderate or stop altogether.” (Schaler 37).

If you truly desire to overcome alcohol or drugs, you can! By believing in yourself and your own free will, you can create an empowering new way to look at substance use. It’s important to remember that the body can only do what the mind tells it to do. You are in control of your actions at all times. The difference between people who use substances all the time and those who can successfully quit, is that initial thought before an action.

If your pattern of drinking or drugging after a hard day or after work has been repeated day in and day out for years, you have created a habit of drinking while stressed. Even though this reaction may seem automatic, it is always a choice you have made and a behavior that you can still change. Imagine creating a new habit that replaces the feeling of being drunk or high.   In the end, you can learn how to deal with stressful work days or hardships without drinking or drugging. By having a better outlook on your life and an improved self-image, you can create the confidence you need to change. The Saint Jude Program will help you to restructure your life, even after years of heavy substance use, and live a long happy life free of substance usage.

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