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A Success Story as NASCAR driver gets reinstated after suspension for Heroin use

A Success Story as NASCAR driver gets reinstated after suspension for Heroin use.

Aaron Fike
(Photo by Donald Miralle/Getty Images for NASCAR)

This story is a few years old but it’s a “feelgood” story worth repeating. It’s a story that shows that hard work and dedication to a good solid program can help you overcome the odds and regain what drugs have taken from you.

Sometimes we take in and process the information when it’s a high-profile athlete or sports figure and that is exactly what this story involves. NASCAR driver Aaron Fike had it all. Aaron was moving up the ranks and driving well in both cars and trucks. He had a beautiful girlfriend and was on the fast track to becoming a household name in the NASCAR world, but it all came crashing down in one single afternoon.

In 2007, only seven days after finishing 5th in a major race in Memphis, Tennessee, Fike and his girlfriend were caught and arrested in an Ohio amusement park parking lot and charged with possession of heroin and possession of drug paraphernalia. Four days later Fike was banned from NASCAR and forbidden to participate in any NASCAR event with no date set to be reinstated. This was a devastating blow to Fike but everyone understood just why NASCAR had to take this stance. NASCAR could not risk letting someone drive a car or truck at incredibly high rates of speed that could be high on heroin. This could not only put Fike in danger but this could also put other drivers, pit crews and even fans at risk as well.

After many years NASCAR announced that Fike could be reinstated and drive in NASCAR races again. They approved Fike’s “ROAD TO RECOVERY” program and acknowledged that he had successfully completed the program. Fike dedicated five years of his life into getting “well” and making sure that there were no more slip ups and that heroin was a thing of the past. At first no companies picked Fike back up to drive for them even though he had been reinstated by NASCAR. Fike may have volunteered too much information when he admitted to ESPN MAGAZINE that he often drove races while high on heroin. This didn’t sit well with car owners and they weren’t ready to take a chance on him. One thing that Fike’s honesty did do was change the testing policy by NASCAR for its drivers and this new policy netted four NASCAR drivers who were driving under the influence. They were also suspended and had to go down the same road as Fike.

A little later down the road Fike raced again in the NASCAR truck series but he never regained his stock car prestige, but he did regain his sobriety and regained his life. We here at Top Recovery Coaches and Life Coaching for Drug and Alcohol Addiction work hand in hand with NASCAR drivers with drug or alcohol issues so don’t hesitate to call if your career is in jeopardy!

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