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The Addictions Academy: Anger Management Training

The Addictions Academy: Anger Management Training WEBINAR

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Anger Management Training

 Anger Management Professional Training 
anger management certificationProfessional training in Anger Management is crucial to understanding the angry client.  Clients have anger issues for a plethora of reasons, including past behaviors, drug addiction, embarrassment, frustration, explosive disorders and mental health issues. Your clients feel stuck in a situation or blame their family members for their situation and taken on the ‘victim role’. You will be able to conduct individual anger management coaching sessions or group anger management  coaching sessions after our anger management training.

Dealing with the angry client can be tough and learning how to help them heal is frustrating. When it comes to addiction, anger from either the client or family is always present in the equation. The client is angry at themselves and the lack of control that they have over the situations that they are in. The family is angry at the client for all of the destructive behavior and embarrassing behavior that he or she has displayed. Learning how to handle the anger issues and the angry client is crucial to the success of your practice or business. Anger Management Coaching is paramount. Let us train you to be the top anger management coach in your field.

As an anger management professional, you want the best training so that you offer the highest quality of care to your clients, both in individual sessions and group settings. You want credentials behind your name that mean something and you want a track record for success. The Addictions Academy can deliver. Maybe you want to be able to run anger management group, offer individual anger management sessions or even travel with your client and offer anger management coaching. We will assist you by training you for the programs that you want to offer.


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