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The Addictions Academy Becomes Extreme!

The Addictions Academy Becomes Extreme!

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To be the best in the world at anything, you have to be trained by the best in the world!  CEO and founder of The Addictions Academy of Miami, Florida; Dr. Cali Estes PhD. has assembled an amazing lineup of seasoned addiction recovery expert instructors to represent the Academy.  Dr. Estes searched the globe to find the best in the industry in their respective fields who are also tremendous trainers.
The newest member of The Addictions Academy’s “Extreme Team” is Evan “Bullet” James, C.A.S; Evan is the creator of “The Extreme Intervention Training Program.”  Mr. James specializes in extreme drug and alcohol interventions and is considered a leading expert in the industry.  He is the founder, President, and Director of Universal Crisis Intervention, and is also nationally recognized motivational speaker on substance abuse intervention.

“Bullet” has almost two decades in the industry; he is held in high regard and the most sought-after drug and alcohol interventionist in the world.  Mr. James is also the creator of the “Extreme Crisis Intervention Model.”  Mr. James’ Company specializes in missing person investigation and recovery, transport service, crisis intervention, and legal advocacy services.  “Bullet” and his team utilize just the right mix of love, effort, and expertise to have successful conclusions to these complex, high-profile drug, alcohol, sexual addiction, gang, missing persons, and cult intervention cases worldwide.

A national premiere substance abuse counselor, James serves on several volunteer corporate boards, is a motivational speaker for several national organizations, facilitates live events, and workshops.  Helping over twelve-hundred families in the United States and Abroad, and having success with celebrities, professional sports figures, and corporate professionals, James is a tried, tested, and proven winner!
Now joining forces with America’s Coach to the Stars, Dr. Cali Estes PhD. and the other amazing Addictions Academy expert staff, James will complement this powerhouse of instructors to the extreme!  The Addictions Academy is proud to present “Extreme Intervention Training” with instructor Even “Bullet” James.

The Addictions Academy already offers a full curriculum of courses, certifications, and training in the addiction field.  The Academy specializes in recovery coach training, intervention and advanced intervention training, family recovery coach I and II training, life coach training, gambling addiction training, food addiction training, case management, prevention training, relapse prevention training, call-center training, ethics training, sexual addiction training, anger management practitioner training, international master addictions coach training, supervision training, train the trainer, AMA training, utilization review training, marketing training, live training, webinar training, and on demand training.  These certificate courses also come with CEUs where appropriate, they are evidence based and best practices models with instructors who are Master’s level therapists and/or PhD’s.

When Mr. James was asked what the difference is between “Extreme Intervention” and other interventions, he stated that “Extreme Interventionists” are willing to go into situations that no one else will go in to, and that they use former police officers, private eyes, former gang members, whatever it takes to get the job done!  Some of these cases have been very difficult missing-person cases, transport, and intervention.  Mr. James has handled the very dangerous and extreme!

Mr. James brings a plethora of experience to share with The Addictions Academy’s students in this new, one of a kind training program.  The Academy’s Program Director, Rev. Dr. Kevin T. Coughlin PhD. said, “We are very excited and pleased to have Evan join our team of expert instructors at The Addictions Academy; He is a welcomed addition to an amazing staff!”

New students are already calling in to register for this new and exciting training!  Call (800)-706-0318 to register for “The Extreme Intervention Training Program” at The Addictions Academy today.  You don’t want to miss out on this tremendous new training program.  For more information on The Addictions Academy and our curriculum, please visit our website at www.theaddictionsacademy.com.
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