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The Addictions Academy: Do You Want to be a Master in your Field? The Master Coach.

The Addictions Academy:  Do You Want to be a Master in Your Field?  See What the International Master Addictions Coach Program is all about!  www.theaddictionsacademy.com  1.800.706.0318



The Master Coach

Professional recovery coaching takes dedication, commitment, training, practice, knowledge, experience, strength, hope, and wisdom. You have to be well-rounded and wear many hats in the arena of addiction recovery if you want to be successful. Just being an addiction recovery coach is not enough! To give you some perspective, you would be like a mixed martial arts fighter that only knew one move, a headlock! You would get knocked out every fight! You need a good defense, a ground game, boxing, wrestling, offense, martial arts, etc. A one trick pony won’t go very far in the business of Professional Recovery Coaching!

Professional Recovery Coaching is a niche within the coaching field and there are specializations within the niche. Some of the specializations are family recovery coaching, case management, gambling addiction coaching, sexual addiction coaching, AMA or APA, call center agent, ethics, relapse prevention coach, twelve-step coach, spirituality coach, prevention coach, food addictions coach, life coach, Christian coach, anger management practitioner, and interventionist.

Who do you think is going to get hired, the one trick pony, or the coach that is trained in many specializations? You already know the answer! People want the maximum for their hard earned dollar today. They expect more than they used to years ago. People are more knowledgeable, educated, and informed.

If you want to make more money as a Professional Recovery Coach, you need to diversify! Many coaches are opening a la carte coaching businesses that offer many individual services to clients. They offer everything from transportation to treatment to specialized coaching services. These companies command maximum payments because they offer so much to the client. The client is willing to pay for such in-depth and efficient services. They simply offer more than other coaching companies

Research has shown that long-term aftercare leads to less chance of relapse for those leaving treatment facilities after completing thirty to ninety day programs. These services are exactly the services that are needed to lead to long-term success in addiction recovery after initial treatment. Professional Recovery Coaching has found the perfect storm! Individuals can make a good living and help save lives at the same time!

Those seeking training and certification in the above listed areas can save a great deal money by taking a combined training program. The Addictions Academy of Miami, Florida has created just such a program! The IMAC program or International Master Addictions Coach Program is a three module, nine course program that includes six months of clinical supervision, online exams, role play, core competencies, tools and skills, case scenarios, extended supervision, video review, and everything a Master Professional Recovery Coach and Recovery Professional will need to be excellent at their craft!

Anyone who is serious about becoming a professional recovery coach can’t afford to not take this program! To be the best you have to train with the best! The Addictions Academy has assembled the finest Team of Addiction Recovery Experts in Coaching Today! They have combined, over one hundred years of addiction recovery experience on their professional staff.

“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.” (A. Einstein) By being of value to your clients you will be a success! There is no greater way of being of value to clients than by being able to meet all of their needs. If you want to be a great coach, you need to establish yourself as an expert in your niche. It starts with great training. Many of our young people are dying from addiction every minute! The need has never been greater for excellent recovery professionals. Are you the next great Master Addictions Coach? Do you have a calling in this field? If you do, I wish you a long and successful career, Coach! Good Luck and remember to “Stick with the winners!”

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