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The Addictions Academy: MORE TOOLS FOR SUCCESSFUL RECOVERY from Faculty member, Boris Schaak of Sober Fitness.

The Addictions Academy:  MORE TOOLS FOR SUCCESSFUL RECOVERY from Faculty member, Boris Schaak of Sober Fitness.

Boris is the founder of Sober Fitness and a member of the teaching team at The Addictions Academy.  www.theaddictionsacademy.com  1.800.706.0318



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When I stopped competing and slacked off with my workout routine (which at the time was my therapy, my solitude), I quickly slipped into an oblivion of drugs and alcohol, which at first was fun (stupid fun), then it was fun with problems, and then it was just problems which ended with me being alcoholic, drug addicted, and homeless. I remember my very first meeting like it was yesterday. When the other members and speakers stated to go to a meeting every day, go to the same meeting every day, get a commitment, become accountable and help others – I said to myself “Oh wow! I know this process. This is just like a fitness regimen”. My life is like Groundhog Day (and if you’ve seen the movie, you know its great fun). I go to my meetings at the same time. I eat the same things at the same times. I meet with my sponsor at the same time. I workout at the same time, train clients at the same time, and I sleep at the same time. My Fridays are not all that different from my Tuesdays. It’s called a regiment. It doesn’t matter if it’s in fitness or in recovery, the same principles apply. When you keep the process going one day at a time, positive change will happen.

When in recovery, having a lot of free time is not a good thing. Filling an addict’s day with things to do is something that automatically benefits them by keeping their mind occupied with positive things. Just like knowing when and where my next meeting is, going to the gym requires commitment and planning. Let me explain this further. I need to take the time to plan when and how I’m going to get to the gym, at the gym I need to figure out what muscle group(s) I’m training and what equipment I’m going to use and the proper way to workout. If I want results from my workout program, I now need to implement a fit and healthy meal plan that requires me to educate myself on nutrition and implementing that into my daily life, which further requires me to educate myself about what foods I’m shopping for so that I can prepare my meals for the week. Then lastly, knowing how much sleep my body needs to recover and ensuring that I get enough sleep every night. All of a sudden, I have this regiment that keeps me accountable for progress; physically, mentally, and spiritually.

As a recovering addict, I need to have a frame work in place. The same principles that apply to get sober are the exact same principles that are needed to get fit. That frame work is my meetings, my fellowship, daily input from my sponsor, and my 12 Step work; adding a fitness routine based upon the same principles that I already practice through my 12 Step work, will now give my body a much better chance to recover psychically and therefore my mind can now actually focus and grasp all the new positive information needed to rebuild my life. All these things, by the end of the day, give me a better chance to be happy, joyous and free, sometimes more, sometimes less. Not only that but it holds me accountable for my actions daily. I am truly on top of my game, my spiritual maintenance that I don’t have a need to use and I can honestly say that I am happy, joyous, and free.

Written by:

Boris Schaak

Founder of Sober Fitness



If you have questions in regards to fitness in recovery, you can reach me at boris@soberfitness.com. Thank you!



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