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The Addictions Academy offers new Extreme Intervention Class

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The Addictions Academy offers new Extreme Intervention Class

New and exclusive to The Addictions Academy, an Extreme Intervention class brought to you by Dr. Cali Estes and Evan ‘Bullet’ James.

 LOS ANGELESOct. 21, 2015PRLog — Dr. Cali Estes of The Addictions Coach has teamed up with Evan “Bullet” James of Universal Crisis Intervention to offer an Extreme Intervention training class both Live in Miami and Los Angeles. The pair will offer not only the actual Extreme Intervention Training but also a course on how to start your own intervention company that is profitable and fulfilling.

The Addictions Academy will provide the continuing education units for all students and is pleased to offer this one of a kind training. They currently offer National Intervention Professional Training (NCIP) and Advanced Clinical Intervention Professional Training (NCACIP) Training. They have always offered one of a kind cutting edge classes, Extreme Intervention Training is no exception.

“We came up with the idea to train some of the guys in Liberty City in Intervention Techniques to slow down the heroin overdoses and naturally Bullet was the perfect fit, as he is known globally for his work with inner city gangs, youth and the extreme cases, “ Estes said. “Together we created a course for the person that wants the extreme adrenaline rush and wants to do the type of intervention you see Bullet do on his TV show.”

The classes will run 3 days in length for training and another 2 days for the full marketing package. The 3 day live class will offer intervention techniques that have never before been offered in a training. Handling inner city specific issues, gangs, cults, mental health clients, criminal clients all the way up to pulling a high profile executive out of an undesirable situation will be covered in detail. Dr. Estes and Bullet are only selecting 10 people to apprentice into the class and are willing to assist them into creating their own successful companies.

The marketing and business development package will cover 45 plus years of experience that Dr. Estes and Bullet have amassed in the drug and alcohol treatment industry. Both are trained counselors, experienced interventionists and both have been featured on numerous television shows and called as Expert Witnesses to divulge their secrets of how they have been so successful in this cutthroat industry.

“Our Intervention training is like no other on the market. We offer a proven process that teaches our students how to do interventions using our exclusive RAAD Model.” Cali Estes, CEO said. “We don’t believe in long drawn out interventions with the family that end up focusing on other issues within the family system. We do not think there should be a nine month process to get someone into treatment and we also teach multiple ways to help the client. We want our students to succeed in each case to the best of their abilities.”

Classes begin January 2016. Please visit the Addictions Academy website for the schedule and to register.

Call Cali Estes or Evan “Bullet” James at 1.800.706.0318 to schedule your training today!

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