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The Addictions Academy Offers The First Ever Intervention Training for Firefighters,

Don Prince and Cali Estes of The Addictions Academy Team Up to Offer The First Ever Intervention Training for Firefighters, to help One Another in the Face of Addiction.

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Dr. Cali Estes, Don Prince, NCRC1,NCAIP and The Addictions Academy, in cooperation with the Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue Department Peer Support team, are offering an in-service training .

This training is open to local fire service and law enforcement agencies and not to the general public.

The subject will be on how to facilitate a firefighter drug/alcohol intervention focusing on how to effectively approach the individual and stage a successful outcome by using proven, evidenced based methods that include surprise or invitational interventions, pre-intervention, intervention and post intervention, reading body language, when and how to end an intervention, how to read the person in need, how and when to use the family to your advantage including the extended fire department family, when to do an individual or family intervention in addition to a few role play scenarios. A Q&A portion is also part of the allotted time. These are some of the major topics to covered by Dr. Estes but will also include some of her own hands on experiences with past clients as well.

Don Prince, who is an Ex-Chief and firefighter from NY and a Nationally Certified Recovery Coach and Interventionist will also be addressing the class in regard to his experiences with working with first responders on getting them to get into treatment or therapy and get the help that they deserve. He will also discuss breaking the stigma of asking for help.

We believe that this training has the potential for saving the lives, careers and families of the brothers and sisters that bravely and unconditionally serve their communities who may be struggling with addiction and need to be properly guided into getting back on track.

Please feel free to contact us at anytime with any questions you may have.

Don 561-282-8685

Cali 786-709-0479




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