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The Addictions Academy Student Success: Nathan Hardage, Helping Others Conquer Their Addiction

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Former addict, local hero looks to help others conquer their addiction

by Alison Mastrangelo  FOX 21 NEWS


COLORADO SPRINGS, COLO. — A Colorado Springs man is helping others through their addictions with a Drug Recovery House.

Nathan Hardage is a former drug addict and now he’s committed to a healthy lifestyle.

He started this drug recovery program in 2009 and his goal is to help as many people as he can.

Nathan Hardage grew up in tough home environment.

“My father was an alcoholic and drug addict, he was very abusive,” Nathan Hardage, CEO and President of Core Vision said.

This led him down a road to using drugs and alcohol at a young age.

“I can remember, sneaking in a refrigerator grabbing a beer at 8 years old,” Hardage said.

But it wasn’t until he got a full scholarship to play football at Florida State University and met Coach Bobby Bowden, who helped him turn his life around.

Now, he wants to help others get clean too.

“Here at the drug recovery house, we are trying to put people in a situation, where they don’t have to go back to rehab, where they can learn a lot of the life skills and coping mechanisms necessary to survive in the real world, but also give them the opportunity to grow,” Hardage said.

Current residents at the house say this program is very unique compared to others they’ve tried before.

“Honestly it’s what Nathan Hardage puts in the program , it’s his relentless pursuit and belief in people knowing that they can get better and change,” Demetrius Genopolus, current resident at the recovery house.

And former residents who are now sober say it’s the life skills they learn that helps them the most.

“We have group sessions, individual counseling with professional counselors, we do fun activities, we go hiking, bowling, go do fun things, you’re not in a lock down environment,” Heath O’Keefe,” Former Resident at the Recovery house.

In the end, Nathan says it’s all about helping people and giving them the tools they need to succeed.

“It feels good to get a phone call one day and hear someone say thank you, when you think about it, that’s the biggest payment we can receive, is just a thank you,” Hardage said.

So far, Nathan has helped more than 550 people worldwide.

The program is 90 to 120 days, and up to eight people can stay in the drug recovery house at time.

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