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The Addictions Coach and Academy: Do you have a ‘Failure to Launch’ adolescent or young adult?

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Do you have a ‘Failure to Launch’ adolescent or young adult? Is your child using drugs and alcohol and you are not quite sure how to handle it or what to do? @TACA we can help. We are your solution when you are feeling helpless and hopeless as you watch your child struggle and suffer.

Failure to launch adolescents and young adults seemingly have little intrinsic motivation to move through life. Lacking the skills to function independently, these students have failed to navigate college and find themselves back at home, out of sync with their peers, and in constant tension with their families. They are emotionally and financially draining on their families. The consequences are often substance misuse or abuse, depression, low self-esteem, and social anxiety. So how can you assist them to get into the ‘grove of life’?

@TACA, that is precisely what we do. We can consult with you, the family, on how to handle the behaviors, we can offer direct support to the adolescent or we can assist you with an intervention, treatment placement, coaching, sober companion, even personal development to get the client back on track, involved in life and sober. What is it that differentiates these young people from their peers who have made more successful transitions? What factors do these adolescents and young adults have that their more successful peers do not have?

View the list of factors and learn more about how TACA can help you Launch Your Child.


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