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The Addictions Coach and Academy: Is PA Senator Above The Law?

The Addictions Coach and Academy: Is PA Senator Above The Law?

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PA Senator Pat Browne

Pennsylvania Senator Pat Browne looks like he is getting another “slap on the wrist” for his third DUI. It appears as though his attorney and the State of Pennsylvania have worked out a plea deal in which Senator Browne will receive alcohol classes, a fine and a few other minor “punishments” that will ultimately keep him in office and employed by our government.

WOW! I wonder where you or I would be after a third DUI. The loophole appears to be in the amount of time that has elapsed between these very multiple DUIs and lapses in human judgment. Here at the www.theaddictionscoach.com we deal with all sorts of high-end professionals that wish to end the madness of addiction. The one group that is extremely hesitant to reach out for help are politicians.

Is this a direct result of the ever so common “above the law because we create the law” mentality? Is it pride or is it a fear of the public knowing that they aren’t perfect? Senator Browne wrecked his motorcycle on the Lehigh St. ramp near Allentown, Pa and smelled strongly of alcohol when the Highway Patrol arrived. Slurring his words and leaning against the guardrail he denied that he was intoxicated. After failing the first round of roadside sobriety tests he then claimed he was injured. This coming after he told the trooper he was completely OK when the officer arrived on the scene. Whoops! He was charged with two counts of DUI. Here is a link to the full story http://www.mcall.com/news/breaking/mc-t-pa-senator-pat-browne-drunk-crash-20150508-story.html

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