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The Addictions Coach and DIG approved by CADAAC

Highest honors to be approved as a CEU provider for CADAAC:  Cali Estes will be the Master Presenter:

Good day to you all. We wanted to send you the link
verifying our new CEU Provider number pertaining to intervention
& recovery coaching training:


Our New CEU Provider Number is: 2C-12-176-124.
Please put this number on all outgoing email that you send out as it will verify DIG’s authenticity
with our training programs.

This is a standard CEU approval in California. It is completely
separate from being the very first provider of CAADAC’s new IS-E endorsement.

DIG will have the distinct honor of providing the Educational
Component for this new IS-E endorsement that CAADAC will be offering.

We look forward to having Charter Hospital on board
with us as our first sponsor facility. This is a great honor.

Additionally, now that we have been approved by CAADAC, we will next be seeking
NAADAC’s approval for a national certification of our training program. Securing both
of these very important endorsements will add great value to our courses.

If you have any questions, please call me.


Eddie Salan  ISPAI CI-II
Founder- Diversified Intervention Group

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Central Coast, California  93401
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