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The Addictions Coach: Could Failure to Launch Syndrome lead to Addiction?


addictionToday’s youth, mostly millennials, get a bad rap on their level of productivity and what they actually offer to society. You can find info on social media about this at every turn. As true as some of this may be, there is an underlining factor, or syndrome, that fuels this so called unproductivity. This is called FAILURE TO LAUNCH and the name of this syndrome is pretty self explanatory. These young adults are failing to take that ever so important step between young adulthood and childhood to being a productive adult and productive member of society.

There are many factors that play into failure to launch syndrome. Some young adults had zero family support during early childhood. Maybe they were abused physically or emotionally. Maybe they were just ignored and showed little or no attention. Not only could this contribute to failure to launch, but it could also engage the cycle of addiction. The abused or ignored young adult could begin a deadly ride through the world of drug abuse and addiction. This is where a certified interventionist is needed for a family drug intervention. After a successful intervention, a failure to launch candidate could use the support of a certified sober coach while entering and practicing a Sober on Demand program offered by Dr. Cali Estes and The Addictions Coach. Their elite team specializes in Failure to Launch candidates by getting to the root of the problem or problems and then personalizing a program to help and motivate the client to a more productive lifestyle. The Addictions Coach also specializes in addiction continuing care after the client progresses and finishes his or her program by  assigning a certified life coach or by continuing outpatient sessions.   http://www.theaddictionscoach.com 1-800-706-0318.

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