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The Addictions Coach: Drug Swap? Oxy drugs are tainted with a major killer.

The Addictions Coach: Drug swap? Oxy drugs are tainted with a major killer. Read below! Www.theaddictionscoach.com

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TBI warns of dangerous drug disguised as oxycodone

WBIR Staff, WBIR    May 14, 2015

The TBI said pills seized during a recent traffic stop in the state looked like 33mg Oxycodone. They were the same size and featured the signature A/215 stamp characteristic of oxycodone, but an analysis showed the pills contained fentanyl, a pain killer 50 times as potent as heroin that can be deadly in high doses.

The TBI has already taken precautionary measures against fentanyl, which can be absorbed through the skin if not handled properly. Last year, TBI agents and forensic scientists were issued auto-injectors containing naloxone, which could help save a person from a fentanyl overdose.


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