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The Addictions Coach: Employers Can Proactively Help Employees With Substance Abuse and Addictions

The Addictions Coach:  Employers Can Proactively Help Employees With Substance Abuse and Addictions.

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We have written article after article of NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB players being suspended and losing hundreds of thousands of dollars because of addictive and abusive behaviors taking control of a person’s life. We have written the same type article of a Police officer, Firefighter or Military officer losing a decorated career due to these same addictive and abusive behaviors taking the officer hostage. Every now and then we find ourselves writing on a high-ranking government official losing everything because of a long-hidden addiction. And in everyday life a mother, husband, father, son or daughter makes the paper because of an addictive behavior taking control and causing them to break the law and find themselves losing everything.

The common denominator here is that we hear of these horrible stories after the fact. We hear about the pro sports player who has lost a ton of money or the police officer who has been fired after the fact. I ask you this, could this be avoided? Could these people make better choices? The answer is YES. Of course a majority of the responsibility lies on the individual and the choices they make, but a share of the responsibility lies on the employer, government entity or pro sports team. It is proven that those employers who offer sober coaches, life coaches and counselors to their employees BEFORE an illegal act or drug relapse occurs, have predominantly less suspensions, firings and arrests. With this being said, pro sports teams seem to be the ones that are way behind in this progressive mindset. We need more progressive action with addictive tendencies to cut down on player suspensions and fines. Mandatory offseason sober coaching to high risk players needs to be instilled into all sports franchises. We need to stop this alarming trend of arrests, suspensions and relapses by influencing the behavior before it has a chance to grab the player/employee in a negative manner. Here at Top Rated Addiction Recovery and Sober Coaching Services we specialize in working with the high-profile pro sports athlete and influencing their behavior positively before it has a chance to wreck their lives.

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