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The Addictions Coach: Top Five Careers That Suffer From The Highest Rates of Illegal Drug Use and Alcohol Abuse.

The Addictions Coach: Top Five Careers That Suffer From The Highest Rates of Illegal Drug Use and Alcohol Abuse. 

Large group of people representing diverse professions including

Different careers have different rates of drug and alcohol abuse. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration found the top five careers that suffer from the highest rates of illegal drug use and alcohol abuse. To compare, the US national average for drug and alcohol abuse and use is 8.7 percent. 
Number 5 on the list was Installation, Maintenance and Repair.  These workers usage was above the national average at 9.5 percent. Installers and maintenance people have a lot of freedom from supervision and bounce from job to job during a work day. This contributes to on the job usage. High stress and customer relations also contribute to drug and alcohol use in this profession. 
The career with the fourth highest rate of illegal drug use and alcohol abuse is Sales. Sales came in with a 10.3% usage. One main contributor to this career’s drug use is the almighty dollar being the highest of concern. Most employers will turn a blind eye to drug use as long as money is coming through the door.  Also, long hours and work weeks contribute to employees “letting loose” during and after work hours. 
Number 3 on the list is Entertainment, Sports and Media. Many people think this should be number one on the list but it is not, as this career choice is at a 12.4% usage and abuse rate. The sports industry has a high level of steroid use which counts as illegal drug use and pushes this group of professions up to number 3. And in the entertainment industry cocaine, heroin and meth are running rampant. 
Number 2 on the list is the Construction trade. The construction industry comes in at a very high 15.1 percent which is nearly two times the national average for usage and abuse.  A modern movement for a drug free workplace is attempting to lower these numbers but it is still at an alarming rate.  Alcohol and prescription pills top the list for most construction workers.
And at the top of the list…
Number 1 on the list: The granddaddy of them all! The profession with the highest rate of workers who used and abused drugs and alcohol is the Food and Restaurant industry. This career choice is at an alarming 17.4% usage and abuse. The reasons for this areThe  restaurants are less likely to perform drug tests and are very lenient on hiring people with shady backgrounds. Also, most restaurants have bars and it is very easily accessible to drink on the job. Late night hours, odd hours and a chaotic work environment contribute highly to drug and alcohol abuse in this trade.
As you can see from this article, drug and alcohol abuse does not discriminate on any type of worker in today’s workforce but there are certain circumstances which contribute to some career paths having a higher rate of drug and alcohol abuse.
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