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The Addictions Coach: Where do your teens hide their drugs?

  • Personal Hygiene Items and Makeup
    From lipstick tubes to lip balm, from deodorant sticks to hair product bottles, teens will empty and hollow out any item that helps them to hide their stuff. Watch out for those hygiene bottles – they are an especially easy place to store alcohol. Mirrored compacts are popular for drugs and the mirror can be used to make a line of cocaine for the teen to then snort through the pen barrel.
  • Vehicles
    Cars are one of the most common places for teens to hide drugs. Teens often conceal marijuana in tea bags and tape them behind the dashboard, under the seats, and/or under the hood. If you suspect your teen is smoking pot, you may want to conduct random car checks.
  • Bathroom Toilets and Vents
    Under the toilet tank lid is a popular place to hide drugs, as well as bathroom vents. Vents are easy to remove and replace, making them an ideal spot to store items that weren’t meant to be discovered. When is the last time you took your vent out of the bathroom to look in the duct? Exactly. You have to get one step ahead of your teen.
  • Candy Containers and Wrappers
    Those Altoid tins and Lifesaver containers may pack more of a punch than just a powerful mint. Candy containers are great concealment devices, and easily accessible. Keep an eye on these containers – especially if your teen constantly has one in his or her possession.
  • Belt Buckles
    Belts aren’t meant to just hold up pants anymore. Some clever kid found a way to change the buckle into a secret compartment to hide drugs and paraphernalia. If you suspect your teen’s buckle could be serving a dual purpose, flip it over and make sure the back doesn’t slide off.
  • Posters and Wall Hangings
    Pictures are worth a thousand words, but not if they’re a disguise for drugs. Don’t let that picture fool you, as it may be a façade used to hide a drug stash. Teens will flatten drugs and tape them behind posters and picture frames. If you notice the frame of a picture is constantly hanging crooked or the tape on the corner of a poster is pealing, it may be worth a peek just to make sure nothing is hiding behind the scene.
  • Books
    They say don’t judge a book by its cover and that’s especially true if your teen has cut out the pages and created a drug safe. Don’t let that book fool you; there may be more on the inside than a fictional ride.
  • Mattresses and Toys
    Teens can cut holes into stuffed animals or mattresses to create a secret compartment that hides their drugs. So while you think that stuffed animal holds fond childhood memories, it may actually be holding one wild trip that no teen needs to experience. Pay particular attention if your teen insists on taking that stuffed animal to sleepovers.

From light switches to outlet plates, don’t be left in the dark with where your teen could be hiding drugs. It’s important to pay close attention to the signs of drug use. If you suspect your teen is using drugs please seek professional help. If your gut is telling you that your teen is hiding something, take a closer look at those seemingly innocent items lying around the house. Ignorance is never bliss when it comes to protecting your child from drug abuse and addiction.



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