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There is More Than One Way to Get Sober! The Addictions Coach Offers Sober On Demand Program

new / oldIn today’s world everything is constantly changing and evolving. Nothing stays the same and remains just as effective without evolving and “keeping up with the times”. This also rings true with treating addicts and all addictions. Professional coaches are replacing therapists and now that very same coaching and sobriety can be brought to the struggling addict instead of the struggling addict putting their entire life on hold while checking into and entering a rehabilitation facility.

If you are a struggling addict who must keep working to put food on the table for your children or keep the lights on in your household then this new coaching is for you. If you are a CEO of a major company who can’t miss a day of work much less 6 months of work, then this new coaching is for you. If you are a professional athlete who can’t miss a minute of training then this new coaching is for you.

We here at www.theaddictionscoach.com 1-800-706-0318 are now offering our Sober On Demand program where we bring the rehab to you through in-person sessions, Skype sessions and phone sessions to name a few. We have EXTENSIVE Sober on Demand, where we actually stay 24/7 around the clock with you all the way down to limited phone sessions depending on your needs and wants. We specialize and customize a program to fit your personality instead of throwing you into a “one size fits all” program.

There is more than one way to get sober and one way doesn’t work for everyone. Its time to break the age old stigma that you must drop your entire life and be locked away in a rehab facility for months on end to get sober.

Call The Addictions Coach today at the number listed above to enter our Sober on Demand program today and start working on your new life, a clean and sober life. Also, click on the weblink above to watch the hundreds of testimonials of previous clients who remain clean and sober today after using The Addictions Coach Sober on Demand program.

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