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Top 3 Signs That You Need a Life Coach

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Top 3 Signs That You Need a Life Coach

Knowing when to get help is half the battle. There’s a part in all of us that may feel that
our problems should stay our problems. Maybe due to a yearning for privacy, a desire to
protect others, feelings of being a burden, or – most prevalent of all – not knowing when you
need help. We don’t have to face our problems alone, and if you’re not careful, they can easily
overwhelm you. If you still aren’t quite sure if you’re in a position for getting help, here are
some commonplace signs that point toward needing a life coach.

A life coach helps with Feeling Stuck

Have you felt lost, without purpose, or just plain stuck? Maybe you’ve finished aa task
you spent a long time working towards, or you’re starting a new venture but don’t know where
to go, or maybe you’ve reached “rock bottom”? Well, as writer Kate Lord Brown once said, “the
end is never the end. It’s always the beginning of something.” Now, that’s easier said from the
outside looking in, but sometimes we need that outside perspective when we’re overwhelmed
with subjectivity.

Here’s an example; Have you ever watched a movie where the protagonist did
something dumb, and you wish they made a better choice? Like in a horror movie, maybe a
frightened character hides in a closet rather than running outside and getting help. Well, while
to us, the viewer, the answer seems obvious, being in the moment is a whole different ball
game. The consequences seem a lot more drastic, the most accessible options seem to be the
only logical choices, and there may be adrenaline involved or negative thoughts clogging up
your mind – it’s tough to navigate! While you might not necessarily be in a high-stakes situation
like running away from a horror movie villain, choices are going to be just as difficult to make.
Whereas a life coach would be in the role of “the audience” in this case.

In case you’re unaware, a life coach is an individual trained to help clients with various
issues in their life with an objective, professional perspective. Think of it like an addictions
coach, just with a broader range of issues they can cover. They can be hired independently,
though research is advised in this case, or through trusted organizations like Unpause Your Life.
It’s not meant to be a therapy replacement tool, but a method to address your issues in the
present rather than past ones.

A life coach – when dealing with “stuck” scenarios, can offer invaluable insight through a
bird-eye lens of the problem. Rather than being blinded by pain, excitement, or fear, they only
address the reality and what to do going forward, with road maps and counseling.

A life coach helps with Relationship Issues

That objective perspective can come in handy yet again when it comes to relationships,
as well. This applies to all relationships – friends, family, romantic or otherwise. If there’s
tension, unresolved issues, or an inability to move on, a life coach can step in and offer some help. Yet again, they’re trained for these scenarios, and are willing to offer some insight if need be.

Now, some may feel uncomfortable with this scenario. After all, relationships are
inherently personal, and allowing a third party to step in may seem odd. However, if you’ve
ever been saddled with the thought of “What am I doing wrong?” or “Do they like me?”, then
there’s a clear ambiguity there not being properly addressed. It may take a mediator and some
guidance to both parties to step beyond any awkward tension and go straight to the issue.
Sometimes it’s difficult to face the ugly truths, but a life coach helps you do that and cushion
any bumps that follow.

Not only that, but they can help you discover any issues you might have as well. We
might be projecting something negative, doing something hurtful without realizing it, or
engaging in something that’s either fruitless or painful, and we can’t really see it until we look
back in retrospect. We’ve all had stories where we look back and say, “I don’t know how I didn’t
see it sooner.” This is your chance to see it sooner!

A life coach helps with Lack of Motivation

Finally, comes a big issue for people with plenty of potential: a lack of motivation. This
isn’t to place blame or make anyone feel bad, but more to help them by lighting a fire beneath
them. With a life coach not only are all issues being addressed and a road map set, but there’s a
new dynamic involved that sets a precedent for both parties. Now, as the client, you have
someone who expects something of you, and your entire relationship revolves around it. You’ll
obviously get to know your coach and can possibly become friends, but the centerpiece is the
expectation that you both hold up your end of the bargain. It’s a slight implied pressure that
many would benefit from.

Even aside from that, sometimes it’s just a matter of knowing where to go. If you’ve
grown content with a life that isn’t great for you – whether it be inactivity, procrastination, or
just downright lackadaisicalness, you might not be able to bring yourself out of that mindset. A
life coach can find what helps you tick and push you in whatever direction you’re trying to go.
Want to start going to the gym? Maybe get into a new hobby, or even pursue a new job? Well,
a life coach’s purpose is to let you achieve those things.

If you could relate to any sentiment discussed here, it’s worth reaching out to Unpause
Your Life for questions and further information. It’s a wonderful program run by two incredible
minds in the industry (Dr. Cali Estes The Addictions Coach and Jenny Fontana) who can provide
life coaching services or even train any future life coaches if it seems like a profession you’d
want to pursue. There’s no shame in getting help, it’s just a matter of taking a chance on

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