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Top 5 Hidden Addictions You Need to Know About Today


hidden addictions

Top 5 Hidden Addictions You Need to Know About Today

Addictions are all around us. They can be hidden from view and come in many different forms. In today’s society, many people turn to addictions to cope with stress and anxiety. The word addiction often brings to mind drugs and alcohol, but there are many other types of addictions that people don’t always recognize.

Sometimes these addictions are obvious, but other times they can be more difficult to spot because of the socially acceptable nature of the addiction, such as eating too much or spending too much time on social media.

In this blog post, we will talk about five hidden addictions that you may not realize you have!


Alcohol addiction is the most common addiction in society today. Alcoholism often starts off as a social activity and then can progress into something more serious.

On average, alcoholics use 80% of their income on alcohol. The inability to stop drinking when they want could lead them to black out or having withdrawal symptoms such as nausea and shaking. Over time, alcoholics can lose their jobs, homes, family members, and friends.

To prevent alcohol addiction, set limits for yourself and stick to them. Apart from this, people who drink should not go to sleep in a drunken state, leading to alcohol withdrawal. You should also drink in moderation and not drink every day to ensure a healthy lifestyle.

Internet/Games (Tik Tok)

Social media platforms such as TikTok have become increasingly popular due to how easy it is for users of all ages to upload videos on a daily basis. However, for some people, these social platforms can lead them down a dark path of addiction. A recent study found that almost 50% of internet users admit they have difficulty limiting the time spent on the internet.

The dangers of this form of addiction are that users may become so engrossed in uploading videos and watching others, leading to severe neglect from family or work obligations.

People may also become addicted to video games. More often than not, the addiction starts out innocently enough with one or two hours of video games a day. However, this can quickly escalate into many more hours spent playing online video games every night and neglecting friends, family, work obligations and even sleep.

To prevent these addictions, simply limit the amount of time you spend on it each day and make sure you engage with other people offline as well.

Food & Sugar

The addiction to food and sugar is a form that most people are familiar with. Those who eat more than their body needs may find themselves feeling depressed, anxious, or irritable if they go without eating for too long.

Sugar addiction, for instance, is an addiction that is not typically talked about. Sugar can become addictive when overconsumed, and most of the time, it’s found in junk food that’s high in sugar, fat, and salt.

The dangers of this type of addiction are related to weight gain as well as diabetes risk due to high blood glucose levels. Similar to other addictions, moderation is vital in order to avoid adverse health consequences.

Making sure you have a healthy balance of food and sugar will help prevent addiction without giving up your favorite foods altogether, which can be difficult for some people to do when they’re addicted.

Diet Pills

Another type of addiction not typically talked about is diet pills. Diet pills can be a common addiction as they’re easy to access and provide quick results for those looking to lose weight quickly.

Unfortunately, social media has also played a role in this addiction as many people are drawn to the quick weight loss results they see in advertisements. The social media aesthetic has also made people more insecure and therefore more prone to diet pill addiction as it is the only way they feel that they can keep up with others.

People think of themselves and their weight negatively, which leads them to take drastic measures like binge eating or taking diet pills to lose pounds quickly. As a result, the body goes into starvation mode because there’s not enough nutrition. Hence, people are becoming more and more interested in taking diet pills to lose weight without working on their lifestyle.

This type of addiction is extremely dangerous, with serious side effects such as heart problems and death due to dehydration. Anyone addicted should consult their doctor before taking any more diet pills or stopping altogether.

Sex & Love Addictions

Many people assume that addiction always involves drugs or alcohol. However, you may not know that sex and love addiction are also quite common. It involves an overwhelming need for sexual activity or feeling loved. People affected by these addictions often feel shame and are reluctant to seek help.

Sex addiction, in particular, can involve excessive use of porn, many sexual partners, excessive masturbation, going to prostitutes, and having affairs even while committed. On the other hand, love addiction is displayed by an unhealthy attachment and makes it difficult to maintain healthy relationships.

Final Thoughts

Many different types of addictions can affect a person’s life. If you think you’re addicted to something, don’t be afraid to find help and talk about it with someone who can understand your addiction. The important thing is not giving up on yourself and continuing to fight for sobriety. Be strong!   Reach out to our elite team at 1.800.706.0318 ext 1 or visit us at Sober on Demand 



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