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UNPAUSE YOUR LIFE Podcast with guest Nurse Susan – Live Healthy and Pain-Free with Medical Cannabis


Nurse Susan – Live Healthy and Pain-Free with Medical Cannabis

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Susan Marks, aka Nurse Susan, is passionate about the therapeutic benefits of cannabis. She is a medical cannabis patient. She has a progressive neurological movement disorder, and cannabis (high CBD, low THC) has allowed her to stop anti-seizure medication and the intolerable side effects.

During this fascinating conversation, Susan gives a history of the hemp plant as a product and cannabis as a medicine. We hear how political and financial motivations forced this highly valuable plant to become labeled a dangerous        drug and eventually become placed as a Schedule I narcotic.

What is the difference between THC and CBD?  And why do do different people experience different responses to cannabis?

Learn the answers to these and more questions regarding medical cannabis!  Tune in TODAY!

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