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Raising Natural Born Killers? Sheen Twin’s Violent Behavior Due To Mom’s Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Los Angeles, Nov 12 (IANS) Socialite Brooke Mueller has agreed to have her twins Bob and Max tested for “fetal alcohol and drug syndrome”.

The 36-year-old will reportedly have her children with Charlie Sheen tested to see whether they have mental and physical defects, which can develop in a fetus due to high levels of alcohol consumption during pregnancy, reports radaronline.com.

It is believed the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) thought it was a necessary move and Mueller wants to cooperate.

“Brooke did indeed also drink large amounts of alcohol while pregnant. This was on top of the drug use which included meth,” a source said.

“Child services demanded Brooke sign off on having the boys tested and assessed for fetal drug and alcohol syndrome,” another source said.

This comes after Sheen’s other ex-wife, actress Denise Richards, who was granted temporary custody of Bob and Max in May until the end of this year, wrote to the DCFS to inform them she can no longer care of them as they are violent towards her own children and dogs.

Excerpt from Denise Richards’ letter to DCFS:

The boys started to have extreme violent mood swings, often times out of nowhere. They would be calm, playing and turn on a dime. The boys would grab anything they could get their hands on as quick as possible. Toys, picture frames, any object within arm’s reach, they can pick up they would throw. They violently threw these things at me, my daughters, anyone near them, as well as at the windows and walls. They have broken iPads, cellphones, flipped small furniture and break it, along with many toys. Bob threw a remote at the tv so hard he cracked the screen. I had to take many things out of their room because they would destroy it. I have had to put things up out of their reach. Things that normally would be appropriate for a 4yr old, have to be put away. After they break things many times they say that I broke them or their sister did. Mine and Charlie’s daughters have been strangled, kicked in the head and stomach, scratched, bit, slapped, punched in the face and head, and spit on. Myself and anyone around them have also experienced this. My daughter Sami had to be taken to the doctor after getting hit in the eye with a toy when Bob came home with from a visit with his mom.

Bob and Max Sheen often go into a “zombie-like state,” and often kick and squeeze her pets violently for fun. The four-year-olds have reportedly said they “wanted to hurt and kill” the dogs.


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