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What are addiction recovery tools?

What are addiction recovery tools?

Addiction is all over the headlines. As more and more families come forward with the struggle of having a loved one who is addicted, it’s more important than ever to discuss what helps people to stay sober. Addiction recovery tools are the things that people in recovery use every day to help themselves stay sober. Let’s talk about what these are.
Sober network – This is a great addiction recovery tool. Most addicts feel very alone. They have spent years using alone and denying themselves healthy supportive relationships. In early recovery it’s important to find other people in recovery to share their experience with and not feel judgement. This is very helpful to people, mostly because people who aren’t addicted don’t exactly understand what they have been through. People in recovery do very well in environments where they fit in. They do very well being surrounded by like minded people.
Another great addiction recovery tool is to join self-help groups – We have all heard of AA (alcoholics anonymous) and NA (narcotics anonymous.) These are the most common forms of self-help groups for people who suffer from substance abuse issues. They are very helpful in the sense because they offer a modality of recovery that works for most people. Aside from AA and NA, there a few other self-help groups someone can attend. Smart Recovery is and up and coming form of self-help that teaches self-empowerment, and self-motivation. Smart-recovery is NOT the same as AA! Moderation Management, and Harm-reduction are both forms of self-help that don’t require complete abstinence, rather they teach how to use less, or teach control over a substance.
Another addiction recovery tool is to hire a Recovery Coach. This is a great addition to your addiction recovery tool toolbox. Recovery coaches are typically people who are in recovery, and that have training to practice as a coach. They use their skills and experience to help their clients achieve the goals in recovery and life that they want. Recovery coaches are flexible in their availability.
If you or a loved one are in need of help, the staff at The Addictions Coach may be able to help. They have certified recovery coaches on staff, a best-selling workbook with activities and exercises. They can also assist you in finding self help groups and allocating addiction recovery tools to get you started.

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