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What Causes Anxiety?

What Causes Anxiety?

Anxiety is a leading cause for drug addiction as well as other addictions. There are many different things that cause anxiety, but we are going to look at five of them that are affiliated with addiction or strongly contribute to addiction.

1. Food addiction or food issues are a big contributor to anxiety. Skipping meals in particular highly contributes to anxiety. When you don’t eat your blood sugar drops and this causes nausea and trembling hands which strongly contributes to anxiety. Eating balanced meals is extremely important because it gives us energy and important nutrients. If you can’t make time for three meals a day then you need to insert healthy snacks throughout the day. Remember this little saying, “Good food can improve my mood”.

2. Negative thinking is another big contributor to anxiety. Remember, our mind controls our body. Believe it or not. when we are feeling agitated and upset, the words we say to ourselves can either cause or ward off anxiety. If you have a tendency to talk down to yourself, make a conscious effort to lift yourself up in your own mind and this will lower your anxiety level.

3. Conflict is another contributor to anxiety. Relationship issues, arguments, and disagreements can all worsen our anxiety. If conflict really has an adverse effect on your anxiety you need to pick and choose who you surround yourself with, eliminating people filled with conflict. And if this isn’t possible, seek help through a coach that specializes in conflict-related anxiety.

4. Stress is one of the biggest causes of and contributors to anxiety. Things like traffic jams, late trains, and buses, or plane flights cause stress which, in turn, causes extreme anxiety. Financial stress due to bills and life expenses cause extreme anxiety. Stress can also lead to alcohol and drug abuse which feeds anxiety on a daily basis. Treating and preventing stress often depends on learning coping skills. Nationally Certified Coaches are the best way to learn coping skills to help manage stress and anxiety.

So remember, anxiety is one of the leading causes of addiction and we just broke down different causes of anxiety so if managing these issues and contributors are an issue for you please contact https://theaddictioncoachonline.com to hire a top nationally certified coach to help put you on the right track.
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