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What Do Healthy People Do Before 10 A.M.? Dr. Cali Estes Shares a Tip in Reader’s Digest.

What Do Healthy People Do Before 10 A.M.? Dr. Cali Estes Shares a Tip in Reader’s Digest.

Dr.  Cali Estes along with other experts are featured in the excerpt below, sharing important tips that keep you healthy.


11 Things Healthy People Do Before 10 A.M.

Early birds get the worm. You know how the old adage, but do you know how to put it into practice? Here, experts share what healthy people do before 10 a.m… every single day.

They meditate

Before you roll your eyes at the thought, remember that meditation doesn’t have to be a lengthy, drawn-out process to be effective. As Lillie Rosenthal, MD, explains, setting your intention for your day helps you connect your mind and body, allowing you to reset and reboot your central nervous system.

They take a break from their phones

It’s not enough to pause before hopping out of bed. Bryce Kennedy, life coach, says the healthiest of people avoid their phone as long as possible. In fact, well-known entrepreneurs including Oprah, Seth Godin, and Tony Robbins stress the importance of prioritizing your time, without distractions.


They read something inspiring

Consider the last book you read or article you clicked on via Facebook that left you smiling once you paged through it. Cali Estes, PhD, a life coach, says healthy people continuously seek sources of inspiration to keep them in the right frame of mind. “Spend ten minutes reading any article that will help you obtain your goals. This can be business, personal, self esteem-related or anything that will give you tips and tricks you can apply throughout the day,” she suggests.

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