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What do I ask an Interventionist?

What do I ask an Interventionist?


Question: “We want to do an Intervention on our daughter, but we are not sure we want to shell out the $3000 for an Intervention.  Also, how do we know that the interventionist that comes will really be a qualified person?’
Cali Estes, The Addictions Coach, says: “When investigating a qualified interventionist, it is imperative that you ask about their credentials and training.  You want to know if they are nationally certified or hold a degree, how long they have been in business, and what their success rate is.  You also want to know if they are an employee or contractor of any specific drug and alcohol treatment facility or open to all of them.  You do want to make sure that they have the best interest of your loved one at hand, not their own and their wallet.  Some treatment centers will pay a monthly fee for exclusive rights to clients and that particular interventionist will send all their clients to one or two specific facilities.
At The Addictions Coach, we can do a full family intervention on-site or we can do an individualized intervention with just the client. We are also fully equipped to complete the intervention remotely via Skype or phone and if you prefer, we can prep the family on how to complete the intervention on their own for a fraction of the cost.  All of our services are custom-tailored to the clients, and we meet them exactly where they are.  We can offer Family Coaching as well, while the client is in treatment.  ALL of our interventionists are Nationally certified, if not ISE endorsed, which is the top certification in the USA you can hold.  We are not affiliated with any specific drug and alcohol treatment facilities, and we make sure your loved one is first.  You can reach us at 1.800.706.0318 or www.TheAddictionsCoach.com
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