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What is a Celebrity addictions coach?

celebrity addictions coach

What is a Celebrity addictions coach?

The Differences Between Addiction Coaching for Executives & Celebrities

Addiction coaching is a profession that requires some flexibility. Not literal flexibility of course, but depending on the client, all sorts of adjustments might need to be made. Some may prefer in-person care, some may prefer long-distance remote care, and most importantly for today’s discussion, some clients have lifestyles that can be considered different from most.

When it comes to celebrities and executives, some exceptions must be made, and so the whole “They’re just like us!” sentiment can’t really be applied here. Their lifestyles are fundamentally different, with caveats and precautions everywhere, all worth exploring. However, just to set the foundation for the difference between the care for an executive, celebrity, and everyday person, we’ll also briefly cover what general care looks like.

Addictions Coaching for You and Me

For the sake of clarity, we’ll be using The Addictions Coach and Sober on Demand as our guide for a general idea of what one could expect. It may seem like an oddly specific source, but Cali Estes, the founder, and The Addictions Coach herself is a powerhouse in the addictions coaching scene, especially regarding celebrities and executives.

But first! What does an addictions coach look like for the average joe? While it depends on the issue that’s being addressed, with the care for food addiction and drug and alcohol addiction being slightly different, Sober on Demand gives an extensive look into the subject.

Coaches, as mentioned earlier, are willing to meet in person or by phone or zoom. You can meet weekly, bi-weekly, or look for some more intensive plans, if need be, and you’re guaranteed to work with someone who’s been sober for at least five years. In other words, if you were worried that not being a celebrity or executive would somehow tank the quality of care that you’d receive, you can rest assured that you’re still getting top-of-the-line care even without being a household name.

Executive Addiction Coaching

If you were an executive searching for possible help, The Addiction Coach is a fantastic resource to check out. Cali Estes and her team approach executive addiction coaching with a bit of a different mindset. Often when it comes to being a business executive or a CEO the biggest issue in handling addiction is its complex relationship with their work. Whether it be getting help due to company requirements, requests, or due to tanking job performance, or even having that same work fuel your addiction even if inadvertently.

With power comes hefty responsibility, and with hefty responsibility comes the burden of attention. Expectations, careful observation, and the weight of one decision affecting potentially a whole company, this is a tough spot to be in! However, it’s far from unmanageable. The Addictions Coach team implements a concierge and fully mobile drug rehab alternative that best suits anyone in a spot even remotely like this. They have recovery coaches, life coaches, private therapy, counseling, sober companions, and heck, even a South Florida retreat all at your disposal if needed.

Our sober companions can travel with the client to any potentially triggering events, whether that be work functions, at home, or on a trip, all at the client’s request. Their method is made to offer fast and measurable results with goal-driven outcomes, while also offering complete and total privacy and discretion. This couldn’t possibly be a better fit for an executive!

This offer isn’t necessarily exclusive to the executives themselves, either. If you fear that your boss has a problem and could really use some help, this is a great way of getting them that help. However, it’s also advised that if you do fear they may have a problem, rather than approaching them directly, you should reach out to Human Resources (HR) as a good first step.

Celebrity Coaching

As a celebrity, there are some well-known vices and potholes that many may, unfortunately, fall victim to. Excessive partying, drugs, sex, and gambling, each with a substantial chance to derail a career.  Whether it be the addiction itself that leads to someone’s downfall, the paparazzi catching an unflattering picture of the aftermath, or stories circulating, it’s a bad time all around.

However, as you may suspect, this isn’t an unwinnable fight, and The Addictions Coach can help.  Whether you’re stuck in the midst of addiction, or you’ve reached rock bottom, The Addictions Coach team can pick up the pieces and help you move forward discretely and safely.

One of the biggest reasons why a celebrity may not take the time to get help is simply because of just that: taking time. If you’re a celebrity, you’re inevitably going to be a busy person! Photo shoots, movie filming, touring, and book signings, aren’t events that can be put aside for any length of time without a serious financial toll.  That’s where The Addictions Coach can accommodate that lifestyle with mobile treatment, similar to their executive coaching.

Although, this isn’t to say the treatment is similar. While executive coaching may focus on work-related vices, often celebrity coaching stems from addressing an excessive partying lifestyle. In other words, it isn’t the job of a celebrity coach to look at their career, it’s to look at that person’s recreational life. Celebrity coaching is a completely customized, tailored, and confidential approach to handling these sorts of issues.

The Addictions Coach has worked with plenty of celebrities in the past and refined their method down to a science, and Cali Estes even has personal experience in addressing celebrity drug use and coaching. In her #1 Best Selling Book “I Married a Junkie”, she tells the inspirational story of finding out that her husband, a musician, was addicted to drugs and how she moved forward with that information. Cali knows the ins and outs of celebrity coaching and it’d be nearly impossible to find more capable hands to rely on.

So, as you can see, while executives and celebrities may share the same burden of power and expectation, there are some distinct intricacies that differentiate their care, as well as the care of someone who isn’t of that status. However, as might also be clear, there isn’t a falloff in quality no matter the client. It’s just a matter of what best suits the person and their issues. Sober on Demand and The Addictions Coach is unabashedly reliable and versatile organizations that can guarantee no matter your status, you’ll be getting the best possible care.


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