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What is a peer recovery coach?

What is a Peer Recovery Coach?

A peer recovery coach is very different from a professional recovery coach. A peer recovery coach will work 24/7 and go into the hospital and assist people into getting into treatment which is traditionally the role of an interventionist and not a coach. A Peer coach’s only requirement is that they are in recovery that is abstinence-based.. A professional recovery coach does not have to be in recovery and also does not have to follow the abstinent model. They can work with Harm reduction clients and assist people in getting well and healthy in various ways that are not only abstinent and 12 step based. A peer recovery coach also has less training and no supervision and is more hands-on for things like how to cook, grocery shop, and clean. A professional recovery coach will not do those things with their client and they will work hourly by phone and Skype. Some peer recovery coaches are trained at the state level, professional recovery coaches are more international.

People get peer recovery coaches and sponsors confused and call recovery coaches ‘paid sponsors’ for their lack of formal training and more on the front lines working doing things similar to a 12 step call.

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