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What is going on with the addictions industry scams? How do You avoid them? 



scamsWhat is going on with the addictions industry scams? How do You avoid them?

Unscrupulous treatment centers are sending checks and gift cards for client referrals. Cali Estes discusses in the article, a situation where she was sent a $5000 gift card for the referral of a client. She sent it back stating, “I sent them because they were clinically appropriate, not because I wanted your money.”
Using patient brokers to direct clients to a specific center, even if its not a good fit for the client.  The author says, “The companies prey on families by pretty websites that do not even show the facility. No one can see the program or what type of accommodations are available. When getting treatment only a few hundred miles away the family can participate in the family programs and be an active member in the recovery of their loved one.”
Treatment centers are “adding” specialty services on a whim just to get a client in the door, when their staff is not qualified or equipped to treat them.  They tailor their marketing strategy to meet the client’s needs, fully aware that the treatment plan will not be tailored to meet those needs.
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