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What is online addiction treatment?

addiction treatment

What is online addiction treatment?

The Perks of Online Addiction Treatment

Following the last couple of years we’ve had, online alternatives to traditional methods might have left a bad taste in the mouths of many people. Now, are they entitled to feel this way? Absolutely! Online classes, online working, canceled and rescheduled appointments, virtual meetings – these aren’t necessarily bad things, but when they’re all you can do for months or even years, it can be a bit tiring.

However, now we’re fresh out of the pandemic and the brilliance of remote operations is criminally underrated. This is especially true when it comes to remote addiction treatment methods! A large number of people don’t know about the advantages of an alternative online addiction treatment, the extent it can reach, or that it even exists in the first place. So, to get the word out there, we’re here to cover the potential and strengths of online addiction treatment.


Availability is an overarching theme for many of the points that hammer in the benefits of online treatment, but it’s impossible to overstate its importance. Popular websites like Sober on Demand or The Addictions Coach host remote services galore that can be life changers for people. Life coaches or sober coaches are incredibly valuable in setting structure and stability for their clients, and while this service is unabashedly precious, not everyone can get that! However, with Sober on Demand or The Addictions Coach, online sober coaching and online life coaching is at your fingertips with great strides taken to protect the client and their needs.

In other words, while addressing one’s addiction may need many resources, online alternative to addiction treatment can provide those and then some, where traditional methods may stumble. An online sober coach or life coach is just an example, too! Rather than going on a scavenger hunt to find the best in-person sober companion, they can simply look online with their area, (i.e “Sober companion NYC” or “sober companion Los Angeles”) and find the best fit within their area. While this may seem like a lesser deal than it’s being made out to be, this is a vital resource to many people who may just not be able to get help otherwise.

Low-income families are a prime example; if a hard-working mother or father were to try to get help through traditional methods – rehab or inpatient treatment – stepping away from any potential income would be absolutely devastating. So, with the implementation of online sober, there are flexible appointments, lifestyle tips, and goal setting – family coaching and intervention, all for them to fit into their lifestyle. The best part is, there are some benefits to the online variation that aren’t seen in traditional therapy – take Sober On Demand’s sober companion program for example;

“Our sober companions are certified, bonded, and insured and are highly educated with a minimum of 5 years of sobriety. Most of our sober companions and sobriety coaches have had previous careers in management, as CEO’s, doctors, executives, actors, NBA players, NFL players, teachers, even successful business owners. What makes us different is that we personality match you with the correct sober companion. We want to make sure you will be successful and feel comfortable with the person you will be working with. Not only do we take the time to make sure you get the right person, but we have also from over 1000 certified, insured, bonded, and trained sober companions for you to choose from. We can even provide multiple bios/photos and set up Zoom calls for you to interview your sober companion before you choose the best fit.”

In other words, Sober on Demand and services like it go out of their way to make the “hiring” process as smooth and helpful as possible! That and the guarantee of certification, training, insurance, and knowledge, make these services almost like hubs for the best possible addiction treatment one can receive.

This is all to say that while during the pandemic online services were considered a solid replacement, addiction treatment should be considered more than just that. It’s not only an alternative but often times the better choice for people who desperately need it. If this applies to you at all, I couldn’t recommend Sober on Demand or The Addictions Coach enough!

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