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What is Recovery Coaching, ASK The Expert, Dr. Cali Estes

recovery coach, dr cali estes
What is Recovery Coaching, ASK The Expert Dr. Cali Estes


Ask the Expert:

“I am a therapist and I have been watching this Recovery Coaching boom and Addiction Coaching increase and see people starting to prefer coaching over therapy.  Can you explain what Recovery Coaching and Addiction Coaching are all about? ” Tamryn, Rosedale California

Cali Estes says: “Recovery Coaching and Addiction Coaching is sweeping the nation.  It is a way for therapists to add more services to their existing practice and attract a whole new breed of clients.   For some clients, therapy comes with an emotional stigma that the client is ‘broken’ and needs to be ‘fixed’.  Coaching allows for forward positive motion and Action-Oriented results.  As a Recovery Coach or Addictions Coach we hold the client accountable for the actions, we bill in cash not insurance and our clients are actually happy to come and see us.  Also, most therapists have little to no training in addiction and do not understand the compulsive behaviors associated with it.  At The Addictions Academy, we teach them how to deal with that missing component. It is very important to note that we are not a Peer-based system of recovery, we are a Professional Based System and offer our clients the same amount of professionalism that therapists do and the same amount of courtesy.   Please see more information below or call us at 1.800.706.0318 and we would be happy to place you in one of our webinars or LIVE classes.  You can also find us at www.theaddictionsacademy.com

 Our Recovery Coaching Training Program will assist you with all of the skills necessary to learn how to become a top-notch Recovery Coach with a National Recovery Coach Certification endorsed by both Boards at NAADAC and CAADAC. At The Addictions Coach and The Addictions Academy, we offer a reputable program that is cost-effective and recognized in the industry with a full CEU program. 

If you are a therapist, you need to add this to your practice, and if you are a sober companion or sober coach you need to get the credentials.  Our 36 hours Certified Recovery Coach Training program (36 CEUs) will teach you to prepare for difficult Recovery Coach clients and various situations.  You will learn Coping Skills, Life Skills, Accessing Community Supports, Relapse Prevention, Goal Setting, Pharmacology, Nutrition, Defense Mechanisms, and various techniques that can assist with Post-Acute Withdrawal. 

In our Recovery Coaching Certification Program, Passive versus Active Listening skills will be taught, ethics (HIPPA), confidentiality issues, legal roles and regulations as a Recovery Coach will be addressed and roles within the family unit explored. You will leave with a basic business model and Recovery Coaching contracts that you can use in private practice and an understanding of how to adequately market and gain clientele in your new or expanded business as a Certified Recovery Coach. We explore every area of the Recovery Coaching industry so you get the best hands-on training available! 

With over 18 years in the Recovery Coaching industry, our Master’s levels instructors at The Addictions Academy will prepare you to work as a Nationally Certified Recovery Coach in business for yourself or with a company.  In our Recovery Coaching Certification Training Program, you will tackle scenarios that are real-life examples of clients and how to handle them and their loved ones.  In our Recovery Coaching course, you will learn how to pre-qualify a client and when to refer out, assess for detox, and all legal issues associated with being a Recovery Coach.  Our seasoned professional staff will tackle the most difficult of questions and leave you feeling ready to take on new clients as you venture into the world of Recovery Coaching. 

To become a Sober Coach or a Certified Recovery Coach, we require the 36 hour training and passing of our real-life scenario examples to prepare you.  We offer a Recovery Coaching manual to explore all training and guidelines that the states are requiring to be a Nationally Certified Recovery Coach.  As a Nationally Certified Recovery Coach, you love helping people and enjoy teaching others how to stay sober and enjoy life. You deserve to be paid for your time and efforts. We offer a reputable program (Endorsed by CAADAC and NAADAC) that is cost-effective and recognized in the industry with a full CEU program (continuing education units) good for therapists, social workers and addiction professionals.

At The Addictions Academy, we offer mentorship programs, Certification, and Training programs for Therapists, Counselors, and for those in Recovery themselves.  We are selective in the Recovery Coaching Certification process and do require that you complete the Recovery Coach Certification, including all hours and mentorship. A Recovery Coach job can be rewarding and lucrative and our Recovery Coaching Course or Sober Coaching course will teach you all the essentials you need to succeed in accepting new clients or adding clients to your existing practice.  

Schedule you’re training now so you can tackle the recovery coach academy and work towards your recovery coach’s international certification! – See more at: http://www.theaddictionsacademy.com/professional-certifications/recovery-courses-and-certifications/recovery-coaching-training-program/

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