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What is Suboxone Maintenance?

suboxone maintence meeting

What is Suboxone Maintenance?

Often times the best way to go about addressing an issue is with a multitude of solutions. Sure, you can go with the method that you think might work but being safer rather than sorry is often the best way to go. As the title suggests, this also applies to recovery, specifically from drug use.

One method that’s grown increasingly more common is the use of Suboxone, or “Suboxone Maintenance”.

What is Suboxone Maintenance?

Suboxone, for those who may not know, is a medication used to treat opioid addiction but is often associated with treating heroin addiction. It’s a combination of buprenorphine and naloxone and can be listed as just that instead. It isn’t readily available to everyone, as some psychiatrists and doctors need to be “waivered” to prescribe it, and that requires a special license and some extra training.

While there is some conflicting opinion here and there, a vast majority of physicians believe Suboxone is an incredibly effective drug recovery method. So, as some may guess, suboxone maintenance is the use of suboxone over a period of time to reduce symptoms of withdrawal, usually immediately following the initial detox.  The period could be months, years, or even indefinitely.

What is Suboxone Maintenance?

So, we’ve listed the tangible benefits of suboxone, but while it does reduce withdrawal symptoms, it by no means is a magical cure. There is still the necessity for the user to keep themselves accountable and safe. This isn’t easy, and there can be dips in motivation or lapses in judgment, so there’s no harm in reaching out for help. There are various methods one could go about using, but one of the most effective is sober coaching.

Sober coaching can be considered a swift push forward for those who need it most. It doesn’t focus on the past or cover traumas like therapy or counseling but instead focuses on the present and how to move forward. So, rather than thinking of it as an alternative to therapy, it works perfectly alongside it. It’s like PB & J, just with Suboxone being the bread that keeps it all together.

Let’s look at Sober on Demand, a prime example of sober coaching done well, to get the bigger picture. They provide coaching for all sorts of issues and addictions; Food and eating, technology, shopping, heck, even offering family addiction coaching for those who are affected secondhand.
Sober on Demand even offers coaching that coincides with medications using the harm reduction model. This includes Vivitrol, Methadone, Marijuana maintenance, Subutex, and of course, Suboxone maintenance. Their goal, essentially, is to meet you where you are in the process, whether it be someone who’s entered the first step to recovery or someone who’s been long at it, and help you get better. Each coach is certified, trained, and, most importantly, flexible. You can meet in person, via Zoom, phone call, whatever it takes for you to feel most comfortable and prepared to battle your weaknesses.

So, then comes the question, how does sober coaching work alongside suboxone maintenance? Well, while suboxone may influence the inner workings, sober coaching focuses on the outside. If you have career, work, school issues, family or relationship issues, poor lifestyle choices, stress, anxiety, DUIs, or anything related to your addiction and its effect on your life, they’re there to help you manage it.

The many woes that come with recovering from addiction can be downright overwhelming to manage, especially for just one person. There’s only so much time in the day, and juggling your recovery alongside your daily plights can drive anyone bananas. It helps to have an outside perspective, one that isn’t being directly influenced and clouded by those problems. You can trust that they’ll know the way out, too! Each coach is required to have at very least, 5 years of sobriety behind them. However, when it comes to Sober on Demand, most have ten to thirty years. That’s another big reason why Sober on Demand is such a great organization to reach out to! They go above and beyond in making sure the client feels comfortable in offering their full trust to them. Heck, they can work with your psychiatrist, therapist, psychologist, or even create an entire treatment team to best make sure you stay on the right track. Plus, on top of that, they can offer live-in residential services!

If this is all catching you off guard, maybe you haven’t heard of Sober on Demand before, but you can rest assured that everyone from top to bottom is an expert in the field. The founder, Cali Estes, is the Addictions Coach. Not just an addictions coach. THE Addictions Coach. She has a Ph.D., and a master’s degree, she’s internationally certified and has 20 years of experience in the addictions field. Heck, she’s worked with celebrities too! Even Steve Harvey, the face of Family Feud, worked with Cali. Who doesn’t like Family Feud? In other words, she’s a big deal. A big deal with plenty of experience, and one set goal: Help you get better. She’s had plenty of patients from all walks of life, and no matter where you are, she can help you.

So, if you’re undergoing Suboxone Maintenance but want one hundred percent certainty that your recovery will go smoothly, sober coaching is an option and a highly recommended one at that. If you’re overwhelmed, nervous, and work best with some direction or a bit of structure in your life, give Sober on Demand a call! Heck, you can also check The Addiction and Mental Health Directory if you want more information on where to find sober coaches. The platform is a surprisingly useful resource and can connect you to a sober coach who can best help you! However, in your search, it’s vital to ask if they’re certified, insured, and bonded. While Sober on Demand can guarantee that sort of thing, not everyone can and it’s best to be safe!

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