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What is technology addiction?

What is technology addiction?

Is there such a thing as technology detox? Well, this is a very interesting question and for someone willing to sacrifice their smart phone for a year will soon find out. Because of the latest buzz around the topic of smart phone addiction and technology addiction, there is a company that has just announced they are doing a contest which will pay someone who can go and entire year without touching their smart phone a prize of $100,000! As easy as this sounds or as silly as this sounds, it shows that technology addiction is real and so is technology detox. I know what you’re all thinking, you are all thinking of how easy it would be to bury your cell phones or your laptop or your iPad for 365 days so that you can earn a whopping $100,000. But could you really do this?

Let’s talk about technology detox for a moment. Have you ever tried to take the video game controller away from a child? Or have you ever told a teenager that they cannot use their phone for a week? I personally was in a restaurant with my lovely wife last week and there was a box on the table. My wife informed me that this is the new thing that restaurants are doing to encourage you to put your cell phone in the box during dinner so that you can enjoy your food and your family instead of burying your face in your cell phone. I’m not going to lie it was nearly impossible to leave my phone in the box the entire duration of our dinner. Technology addiction is for real. And it’s having the same effects on society as drugs and alcohol. Just like drugs and alcohol, it is causing us to alienate ourselves from friends and family to get our fix of technology. Just like drugs and alcohol, people are stealing and robbing to get their hands on the latest iPhones or the latest technology.
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