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What is the difference between a sober companion and a sober coach?

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What is the difference between a sober companion and a sober coach?

Sober Companion and Sober Coach Los Angeles


Welcome to The Addictions Coach Sober Coaching Service; Private, discreet recovery and sober coaching and addiction treatment alternatives. If you want to become sober or have a loved one struggling with addiction to alcohol, a Sobriety Coach could be just what you need. The Addictions Coach offers Sober Companion services with Sober on Demand. A Sober Companion is much like a “sober buddy” who will accompany you at events, resorts, retreats, and more! So, what is a Sober Coach? A Sober Coach is trained in addiction and alcoholism recovery and will help you to lead a healthy, sober lifestyle. Sober Coaching, like Life Coaching, provides you guidance and support through your recovery journey. A Sober Coach will help you set and acquire short-term and long-term goals, identify and overcome challenges, gain problem-solving skills, build stronger relationships, and much more.


You may ask yourself: “Where can I find sober coaching near me?” In recent years, sober coaching has rapidly expanded. It’s much easier now, more than ever, to find sober coaches in your area. The Addictions Coach offers Sober Coaches in many areas including Los Angeles, California! The Addictions Coach offers Certified Recovery Coaches and Sober Coaches, so you know you are being provided with trustworthy and professional service. Support is vitally important during the highs of recovery, especially the lows of recovery.


Los Angeles California sober companion
Los Angeles California

The Addictions Coach provides clients with the opportunity to work one-on-one with a Sober Coach in Los Angeles. A Sober Coach in Los Angeles has a vast amount of knowledge about substance abuse, mental health concerns, and often co-occurring disorders. We understand that different treatment needs to be tailored for each individual, and this is why we offer customized addiction therapy services.


Recovery from substance abuse can make all the difference in anyone’s life. A Sober Coach can help you get to the underlying issues that cause you to use or drink in the first place; the same issues that affect your work, relationships, lack of boundaries, failure to reach goals or even set goals, and overall motivation to keep moving forward each day to add value to your life.

How do you support your sober partner? If it’s a loved one, especially a significant other who is in recovery from addiction/alcoholism, how do you support them? A Sobriety Coach can help both the individual seeking help as well as work with family / loved ones. You will learn along with your partner the trigger situations that should be avoided, and how to deal with them when they are unavoidable. Addiction / Alcoholism is a family disease. This means it affects not only the individual but also everyone around them. You and your partner can both be provided with tools to enhance your skills in coping with triggers and urges without giving in to temptation. Sober Coaching in Los Angeles offers development in coping mechanisms that can be practiced until they become a part of the client’s everyday life. Clients will learn to stay in control even when they come up close and personal with their most challenging trigger situations. A Sober coach provides support and motivation when their client is struggling with cravings and urges, and the support that comes from working one-on-one with an experienced professional can make all of the difference in continued sobriety.


The Addictions Coach also offers Sober Companion Services in Los Angeles. Many people in recovery struggle with boredom and loneliness, especially when they are in the early stages of abstinence. Feeling isolated can make it all too easy to fall back into old habits or relapse. In active addictions and alcoholism, any time we get bored or lonely, there is usually a quick and easy answer, and that’s drinking / using. We tend to want to escape reality when times are tough. In Recovery, we learn to face these issues face-to-face and deal with them without feeling the need to use or drink. The Addictions Coach provides companionship for clients who want to feel less alone during the early phases of sobriety. Each sober companion is a person who has gone through recovery himself, so they understand the challenges that come with staying sober. The companion provides support, companionship, and motivation when needed, to help clients through rough patches so they can achieve long-term sobriety.


What is the difference between a sober companion and a sober coach? A Sober Companion is trained in helping individuals to be more productive and live a healthy and positive lifestyle. Once a treatment program is completed, sober companions can provide a “safe landing” for the individual client. Sober companions offer support from experience, as they are in recovery themselves. They also understand family and relationship dynamics, medication risk and management, and co-occurring disorders. Sober Companions will teach how to build and maintain healthy boundaries and can be on-site with their clients 24/7. Whether it’s transitioning from a treatment program, travel for business, retreats, and more, or simply for the additional support.


A Sober Coach offers professional experienced support early on in recovery. Sober Coaches are for those who don’t require intensive care or 24/7 support. They will help clients adjust to a healthy lifestyle and individualize a collaborative recovery care plan. Sober Coaches can be available via phone, online or onsite. Session frequency will depend on the individual’s needs.

So, whether it is you or a friend or family member, or even a significant other that is seeking recovery from substance abuse, The Addictions Coach can help. We offer services for Executives, Sports Professionals, Celebrities, and individuals from all walks of life. The Addictions Coach offers In-home medical detox, Certified Sober Companions, Certified Recovery and Life Coaches, Sober on Demand, Counseling and Therapy, Online Intensive Outpatient, Intervention and Treatment Placement and so much more! Whether you want to become a Sober Coach in Los Angeles or are seeking to hire a Sober Coach, call us today at 800.706.0318.


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