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TACA Breaking News: Scott Weiland dead at 48. Where was his Sober Companion?

Former MTV VJ and longtime radio personality Matt Pinfield wrote on Facebook “I am speechless … and sad at the loss of my friend, and although many of you are probably not surprised. It doesn’t make it any easier. Addiction sucks. I will miss you Scott.”

Scott Weiland, best known as frontman for the bands Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver has died at age 48.  He died last night at a tour stop with his current band The Wildabouts.  He was found unresponsive on the tour bus and pronounced dead.

While we haven’t officially learned that his death is drug related, it wouldn’t be hard to consider, as he has had a lifelong battle with substance abuse.  Scott’s well-known addiction is what led to STP kicking him out of the band.  Between missing practices and cancelling shows, they weren’t able to perform due to Scott’s destructive behavior.  Subsequently, this is the same reason he was let go from Velvet Revolver.

All this leads to a most important question:  Where was his sober companion?  Could this tragedy have been avoided if he had the right people in place to help keep him sober?

At Top Rated Addiction Recovery and Sober Coaching Services we specialize in high-profile and celebrity clientele.  We have highly trained professional sober companions to stay with you, wherever you go.  We can be there on the stage, on the bus, even at parties, when an appearance is necessary.  We’re there at the executive meetings, and on the field or the court with our clients.

SOBER does NOT mean ALONE!

Read on for more details on this loss.

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