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Who Needs Addiction Coaching? 

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Who Needs Addiction Coaching? 

When it comes to conversations about addiction coaching or other related fields, there can usually be a few misconceptions or confusing aspects mixed in. This can be especially true for gauging the correct “client base” for these services from outsiders. Are they meant for celebrities? Executives? Can anyone get a sober coach or a sober companion? Are there things I need or prerequisites involved? What are the criteria?

Well, put simply, addiction coaching can be for anyone. It’s just a matter of what you need and when you need it. For example, rehab may be a fantastic option for some, but the way it’s operated may not work for many. Being away from home for a month, a stagnant environment that may not translate to the real world, being put into groups rather than individualized service – these caveats are fine for a few, but an alternative was bound to come around eventually, and addiction coaching is it.

Let’s take celebrities and executives as another example. Some may view these lifestyles as some of luxury and ease, but there are some tight restrictions when it comes to addiction and getting help. A celebrity going to rehab is a news story and an executive going there is the topic of conversation across the company for the next month.

Why do you Need Addiction Coaching? 

These figures need opportunities to get the help that is both discreet and effective, and an addictions coach can be just that. With mobile and virtual services, they can keep the recovery process between the addictions coach and the client themselves.

Though this luxury isn’t exclusive to higher-profile individuals, either. Again, coaching is for everyone. When it comes to rehab, there’s that single working mother who can’t be away from home for 30 days, someone with low income can’t be away from work for 30 days, and there are a number of people who wouldn’t enjoy the group-centric style, and they need alternatives.

With online availability, there’s a lot more opportunity for people who may need it. Being in an area without a treatment center, or maybe not having a mode of transportation that can take you to one these are obstacles that put a wall between addicts who want help and being able to actually get it.

How can Addiction Coaching help you?

  An addictions coach may also be effective for those who just exited rehab as well. As was mentioned previously, the rehab environment has the potential to be incredibly effective, but it is undeniably in its own bubble. Translating that experience into the real world can be jarring, and it’s one of the many factors that lead to a drastically high relapse rate for those who’ve immediately exited. Coaching can not only keep up the positive progress but provide a personalized guide or road map for the future.

Take Cali Estes and “The Addictions Coach” for example. Not only do they provide certified, bonded, and insured coaches for all things addiction, but they fit all the criteria mentioned before. They offer virtual service, available to any client, and they help the client in planning ahead. Lifestyle planning, career and education guidance, family relations – they don’t offer a crutch, they offer a guide in moving forward even without them. This sums up the entirety of this conversation – addiction coaching isn’t a magic formula to help a down-on-their-luck actor, executive, or sports star to reach the top of the pyramid, it isn’t a program meant to latch onto the less fortunate and drag them through their trials,  it’s a universal service that helps people get back on track towards whatever goal they set their mind to.


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