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Why doesn’t Addiction Treatment Work?

Why doesn’t Addiction Treatment Work?

When we talk about standard twelve-step addiction treatment we usually focus on the failure rates. We focus on the AMA’s (those that leave against medical advice). We talk about overdoses and relapse. It is becoming rare to hear positive feedback in the addictions industry today when it comes to standardized addiction treatment. Why is this you ask? Why doesn’t addiction treatment work? Why are the success rates so low and the relapse and overdose rates so high with standardized addiction treatment? One main reason is the lack of one on one contact with the addict and his or her program. Addicts are vulnerable when seeking help and a lot of the time the addict is afraid to share certain topics in front of a group of people. And these topics may be imperative in helping them get clean and sober and stay clean and sober. Also, we go back to the old reasoning that what may work for one addict may not work for another addict. So group therapy doesn’t sink into some addicts minds. “Blanket Recovery” just doesn’t work for everyone.

This is why we here at The Addictions Coach have the highest success rates and sobriety rates in the addictions industry. We have the time and resources to evaluate each individual addict and taper a pathway to sobriety that is specific to his or her needs. The Addictions Coach has the Sober on Demand program where the top certified sober coach comes to the addict instead of the addict dropping everything to check into a residential rehab facility. The sober coach designs a specific method to get the client to sobriety depending on their level of needs. The Addiction Coach also has the Launch Pad program. This program helps the recovering addict get past his or her “stuck point” in life and helps them move past addiction and on to becoming a productive member of society while staying clean and sober. Please go to our website at https://theaddictioncoachonline.com or call us at 1-800-706-0318 to get information on all the services that we offer.

The days of inpatient stays in addition treatment are starting to decrease due to failure rates of the clients to stay sober post-treatment. We must find new methods and ways to engage our young people in recovery and plug them into a successful environment. Dr. Cali Estes and her team can help with their out of the box programs and ways of thinking.
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